Friday, August 09, 2013

Cher To Be A Mentor On US 'The Voice'

Cher has pretty-much confirmed on Twitter that she'll be a celebrity mentor on the upcoming series of NBC's 'The Voice'.

Just hours ago, Grammy Award-winning music legend Cher took to social networking site Twitter to reply to tweets from her huge fan base. One curious fan wrote to Cher about a rumor that the 67-year-old songstress will be acting as a mentor on the upcoming fifth series of NBC's 'The Voice'; "I guess Cher is going to use NBC for all her promo this year. But why is she mentoring Blake Shelton's group? That makes no sense"

Well by the sounds of it, Cher's already started the mentor role; she responded, "Paul said, 'He cares and he's fun'. I love him! We worked hard and tried our best to help. I worry about the 12 kids who hope and dream". "Paul" is Paul Mirkovich, who has toured with Cher since 1989 as part of her band; he is the musical director on 'The Voice' and had the same role on Cher's most recent tours.

It may come as a surprise to some that Cher is not mentoring Christina Aguilera's team - whom Cher starred alongside in 2010's 'Burlesque' and whom Cher hinted may be on her upcoming studio album. Instead, Aguilera is said to have Brit singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran as a mentor whilst OneRepublic front-man Ryan Tedder will apparently mentor Adam Levine's team and R&B musician Miguel will mentor Cee Lo Green's.

Past mentors on the series have been: Adam Blackstone, Monica, Sia Furler and Reba McEntire in series one; Alanis Morisette, Robin Thicke, Babyface, Ne-yo, Jewel, Lionel Richie, Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert in series two; Mary J. Blige, Rob Thomas, Jennifer Hudson, Bill Withers, Pat Monahan, Bille Joe Armstrong, Ron Falir, Michael Bublé and Scott Hendricks in series three; and Hillary Scott, Joel Madden, Cee Lo Green, Pharrell Williams, Aakomon Jones, Taylor Swift and Sheryl Crow in series four.

The new series of NBC's 'The Voice' debuts on 23 September - the day before the North American release of Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth'. Cher's appearances on the show will air on 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd of October.

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Short shares:
  • There are rumors that Cher will perform 'Woman's World' at August 25th's MTV Video Music Awards - fingers crossed! 
  • Cher's 'Come Back To The 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean' co-star Karen Black sadly passed away yesterday aged 74. Rest In Peace Karen.


  1. I was hoping she be on MTV VM awards, YES fingers crossed!!
    as for Mentoring Blake's group makes total sense,, for one his connection to her thru his father..
    sad for Karen Black

  2. Yes, the VMA's are a must! Of course the regulars like Kanye West and LGG will be there. Cher needs to be there and SING (not just present) in all her Cher Glory. Over at there is a topic on this.

  3. Hi Janet,
    is it fair to say that with "Hell On Wheels-nini-music movie" CHER started the WHOLE Music Video movement?

  4. Yes, Cher's Hell On Wheels was quite novel at the time. When Cher made the rounds of talk shows this was shown. In Boston (traditionally a huge Cher market), Hell On Wheels was a staple in the clubs with video screens. It was shown at Studio 54 in New York and clubs with screens all over. Cher had a lot of fun making the Hell On Wheels mini-movie (as they called it back then). Many many years ago we were in Rome at a club called JACKIE O'S and they played Cher's Hell On Wheels mini-movie and the place went nuts. Of course all before MTV and videos. Cher has always been an under-rated trendsetter and that goes back to 1963/1964 and of course the year they hit BIG... 1965!

  5. I just read it on wiki--thnx for info
    "Hell on Wheels" is one of the 1970s pioneer music videos to be produced in the MTV style before MTV itself existed, and now its considered to be one of the first modern music videos.

    I DONT GET IT !!! WHYYYYYY she gets no credit!! she started movement of NEW things before its time, way b4 so many other female artist today, and i feel so few know

  6. Cher has always been so underrated. She has never been recognized with things like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (solo or with Sonny) and has been eligible since 1990. She has never received things like Lifetime Grammys or any awards like it. I think Cher is getting to the point where people ARE now taking notice. Cher is the ONLY Female POP act of the 60s and 70s still viable today. Woman's World is now getting RADIO play. A 67 year-old woman has NEVER had RADIO play in the USA. As more stations add Woman's World it becomes more amazing. The Billboard Dance Chart is not the chart that really matters. Cher DID Bubble Under the HOT 100 wit WW which extended her span on the Hot 100/Bubling Under chart to 48 years and WW is on the AC chart which IS based on Radio. Cher will begin to get recognition for many of her achievements but the biggest is to still be VERY relavant after a 50 year career. Woman's World still has a lot of life left and Cher's Career sure does!

  7. The whole RRHOF, i just dont get it!!, i think of the talentless that have been recognized n it kills me!
    how many female artist today will make it to 10 yrs yet alone 50 yrs, or artisit with 2 or 3 decades under their belt,, will they last as long n be as interesting and TALENTED as CHER,,i just dont see it!

  8. Yes, Christoper, it is sickening! Cher should be inducted as a Solo performer AND as Sonny & Cher. When you look at the inductees many have had far LESSSSSS impact than Cher. Once again, Cher always gets the shaft. I do think that will change simply because she is the ONLY viable female act left from the 60s and 70s.

  9. Now that Gaga/Cher song has leaked anyway. Typical :-)


    "The Greatest Thing" has this gay boy JUMPIN!

  11. Too Bad The Greatest Thing by Cher & Lady Gaga is NOT an official single. It is a gorgeous song. Cher loved The Greatest Thing as did Red One. 2 Years AFTER it was done, Lady Gaga decided she did not like it and would not allow it to be released whatsoever. Cher said this leak is not even the good version. Sadly a leaked single is not eligible to chart since it has not been serviced to radio or available for official sale. It is a shame since I love it too.

  12. damn i didnt think it was going to be that GOOD,,come on gaga get it out!!! NOW!!!

  13. Warner Brothers Records had 2 years to get The Greatest Thing out. It was recorded in July 2011 and was supposed to come out as a single in Sept 2011. Neither Gaga nor Cher had projects at that time. In fact, LGG had no new music until now. The Greatest Thing by Cher & Lady Gaga is a wonderful and simple song. What a shame WBR sat on it for 2 years. Gaga only decided she did not like it after it was about a year and a half old. Gaga is no fool and wants ALLLLLL attention on her new single. It is also sad Lady Gaga will not allow The Greatest Thing to be on Cher's Closer To The Truth CD. Either way, I love The Greatest Thing and according to Cher the leaked version is not the final version which was even better.