Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cher's New Album Is Finished!

Finally! Cher's latest studio album - scheduled for a September release - is finished.

Cher's been working on her new album for years! Yes, years! But the woman herself has stated in the last hour that the album is now complete.

The 66-year-old went on Twitter to write, "I just finished my CD!"

A Twitter follower asked Cher, who's last studio album was 2001's 'Living Proof', "Have you been up all night working on the CD?" She responded, "Yes! I worked until early night, then took a break - went to see Chaz in an unbelievable musical! It was so funny and everyone was great! Got home at 12:30, into favorite old ripped jeans and neon sweat shirt. Went down and sang last bits on all 4 songs, then Mark and I did technology!"

"Mark" is Mark Taylor - who masterminded much of her 1998 album 'Believe'. Cher initially planned to travel to his grounds in London in March to record four songs. However, those plans didn't materialize when her Mother, Georgia - who has been battling pneumonia - had a sudden health scare. Judging by Cher's tweeted, Taylor has since traveled to Los Angeles to finish the songs.

Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears has been lending his vocals to the September CD. Cher tweeted yesterday that, "Jake's here putting some parts down and a harmony!"

She also tweeted yesterday: "Played Jake Shears my CD before he sang on track. He said, 'It's f**king amazing!'. Gotta love that! He sounds so cool on song. He's adorable!"

After revealing that the album's complete, one fan asked her, "How many songs are going to be on it?" Cher answered, "11 to 13, with 4 bonus tracks."

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  1. Great news Daniel! All Cher fans must be rejoicing over this news!!!!!! Now her Woman's World single can finally see the light of day in June!!!!