Friday, October 19, 2012

Cher To Wear The 'Turn Back Time' Outfit - No, The Other One - On Upcoming Tour! Plus, 'Cher News' Takes A look At Its History!

Cher at the 2010 VMA's
Cher will return to the stage in an old favorite during her upcoming tour - the so-called 'Turn Back Time' outfit. And 'Cher News' takes a look at its place in Cher's tour history!

We don't know much about Cher's upcoming tour – we don't even know when it will take place. However, we do now know one of the outfits that the eternally-youthful star will be sporting during the tour.

Along with a photograph of Cher in the exact outfit you see on the right, one Twitter user tweeted Cher, “This is my most favorite thing you have ever worn! Will you ever wear it again?”

Cher replied, “Every night on stage for 'Turn Back Time'”.

Whatever you want to call it - the black leotard-with-holes outfit, the barely-there body stocking, the 'I Found Someone' outfit, the 'Turn Back Time' outfit – the ensemble is one of Cher's most-famous outfits.

Many people associate the outfit (which was bizarrely also featured in one of her 'CherFitness' videos, see left) with her 1987 hit 'I Found Someone', due to its presence in the song's music video, and as Cher performed that hit on stage numerous times in the outfit.

Others may associate it with her 1989 hit 'If I Could Turn Back Time' as she has wore the outfit to perform that hit ever since the early 2000's – and it is rather similar to the outfit that she wore in the 'If I Could Turn Back Time' music video.

Others may remember the costume from her 'Take Me Home Tour' or just know it from its appearance whilst she presented an award at the 2010 MTV VMAs.

The outfit has been worn on nearly every tour she has done since the late-1970's and it will return for Cher's new tour. Therefore, join 'Cher News', as we take look at some of the outfit's most memorable moments on tour – and more.

Cher performs a rock & roll medley – containing classics such as 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Dream Lover' and 'Dedicated To The One I Love' – in an early version of the outfit during her 1979 -1982 'Take Me Home Tour'

As the lead singer of the rock group Black Rose, Cher can be seen performing in an updated version of the outfit during their 'The Black Rose Show' mini-tour in 1980.

After a five-year-break from music to make movies, Cher returned to the charts with her 1987 song 'I Found Someone' and its music video, which sees Cher in the outfit.

On the same episode which saw Sonny & Cher perform 'I Got You Babe' during a television reunion, Cher performs her latest single 'I Found Someone' on 'Late Night With David Letterman' in 1987 - wearing the outfit of course.

Cher returns to touring in support of her 1989 album 'Heart of Stone' on the 'Heart of Stone Tour' – with the leather jacket, she performs 'Bang Bang'. She takes it off to perform 'I Found Someone'

A new tour, 'The Love Hurts Tour' to promote her 1991 album 'Love Hurts', sees Cher once again perform 'I Found Someone' in the outfit.

Cher returns to stage in an updated version of the outfit - this one has sleeves - during her hugely-popular 2002 - 2005 'The Farewell Tour'. Beginning with 'Strong Enough' in the leather jacket, she takes it off for 'If I Could Turn Back time'.

She returns to performing 'If I Could Turn Back Time' in the outfit as she performs her show 'Cher at The Colosseum' for three years at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas from 2008 - 2011.

In 2010, at age 64(!) Cher once again makes a public appearance wearing the outfit – this time at the televised 'MTV Video Music Awards', where she presented Lady Gaga with an award.

Which variant of the outfit is your favorite? Plus What do you call the outfit?


  1. Yup that's one ICONIC outfit!!! And Cher rocked it every time she wore it!

  2. Yes, but not all of her costumes should be similar. Her costume for Take Me Home has been the same and is boring. Her Believe costume is getting tiring. It would be great to see less Costume changes and more cher. We luv U cher and U dont need constant chgs

    1. wtf, a cher show HAS to have changes and wigs and sparkles or its not a cher show

  3. I consider this as the "I Found Someone" outfit, not the "Turn Back Time" outfit.

  4. yup mark me 2. i hpe mackie designs new stuff and not retreads like he did for caesars palace. 2 much was the same or nearly same as farewell and believe tours. some stuff was even similar to the old shows at mirage

  5. Yes, after a decade, Mackie needs to design NEW LOOKS for Cher's new album. She's a trendsetter, so don't wear the old stuff anymore.