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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cher: It's A drag About 'Woman's World'! - Plus, January Release For Cher's New Material?

Cher, who is upset about 'Woman's World' demo leak
Cher has once again tweeted about the leaking of new song 'Woman's World'. Plus, she tweeted more about the new album, but will we have to wait until January to hear it?

The online leak of new Cher song 'Woman's World' has been the hottest topic for Cher fans over the last couple of days.

The other day, a fifteen-second clip of the song – in fact a demo of the song - 'Woman's World' was leaked online. Now, a minute-length snippet of the song has been uploaded on the net, seemingly by a DJ located in Michigan, who debuted at least part of the Cher tune at the state's 'Metro' nightclub.

Cher, puzzled at how the DJ played the song at the Michigan club, tweeted that she was “upset” about the leak;

“I'm upset about the leak. It's not the end of the world, but, I don't understand how a club in Michigan played a minute of it? It's not the final mix! The vocal sounds different, well, there's more but I'm not going to stress. It's just that it's my first CD in a gazillion years and I've worked so hard on it. I wanted it to come out like it is now. Pink's ballad is my second favorite song - every woman I played it for cried. But I just got amazing new songs! Mark Taylor ('believe' producer') is coming with his songs, Billy Mann (Pink's producer) has done two and two more to do! I'm very lucky, but it's a drag about 'Woman's World'!”

Cher went on to reveal that her record company had changed plans to unleash Cher's new material in January – instead of in the remaining months of 2012. Also, she insinuated that 'Woman's World' will be the first single off her new album – and revealed that a music video has not yet been made for the single;

“Guys don't sweat it. I have two real problems with this leak! First I wanted people to hear the final mix, and we haven't done a video! Also, my record company had changed roll out date to January. They wanted to have videos finished, and world promo tour, etcetera etcetera, to coincide. 'The best laid schemes of mice & men'.”

With all this talk of Cher's new single, videos and so on, it leads one to believe - and hope - that the album is now complete. Cher set the record straight when she replied to one fan who asked, “How finished is the album?” Cher answered, “We are over-recording so we can pick the best ones [to put on the album], and there might be bonus tracks available.”


  1. Thanks Daniel. I certainly hope we don't have to wait until January to hear it.

  2. Enough! Record company release the damn album already!!!! We, the fans, have been patient enough for more than a decade! Enough is enough is enough IS ENOUGH!!!! LOL!


  3. i simply dont care anymore about cher's new album, i have given up on it.....

    1. That's your loss then! So it's taking a while, who cares, it will be worth it. You don't give up on an artist you like just because it's taking longer than you want it to!

    2. Then Go listen to Faux "Stars" like Rhianna etc.
      Cher is the real deal Ill wait forever my queen

  4. I wonder if that'll push the tour back :(


  6. ALL EYES on CHER, its been 10 years since her last cd-LP, almost 50 years in the biz,if WB does a good job tis cd can break all records n CHER will once again make history! so tis has got to be done right n not fast. CHER has got to compete with artist much younger then her,, its got to be tuff,, making sure the right music is put out for todays world. no other women in the biz is currently as sorted out! so imagine the pressure! look at the results of MDNA! I waited b4, i miss her amazing voice n music, but i still have all her other music to listen to!
    CHER i believe in you
    u r living proof

  7. yes she has been in the bz since 1962 and a star since 1965 when she hit number one. wb is slow to give infor and the whole thing has draggged on and on and on and on and on. get womans world out now

  8. I know what YA mean! Living Proof was done in 2001 so we are on the verge of 2013 now and so in need of her new stuff. Daniel, do YOU think the single for Woman's World will come out in November? That would make sense.

    1. Most people seem to be saying that it will come out in November or January but if I have to say a date, I'm going to say that I think it will come out in December. There's the report that she will perform on the X Factor in December.

      And it will still give her time to do a music video in November.

      Then, I think the album will be released in January.

  9. Wow, Daniel, you have a lot of posts! I still am a bit shocked with all of this since Cher normalllllly records her albums fast. She goes into the studio and cuts a song in one session. Recording is something easy for Cher. The problem with this album is it was not cut all together like usual. Normally she cuts the songs all within weeks. This time it was strung out with one or two songs getting recorded followed by months of nothing.


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