Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PHOTOS: Cher in Pajamas - Plus She Talks About Recording Music

Cher in her pajamas
It seems that superstar Cher is spoiling us lately, as she has uploaded yet another two photos of herself onto Twitter.

Wearing her - most probably faux - leopard skin "work" pajamas, Cher was photgraphed for a pair of almost-identical photos she put on Twitter.

She tweeted, "Whoa tired!... So tired! These are my work PJ's! They look huge and they are! But look really cute in person!"

She followed this with, "These are PJ's I wore to work! I don't sleep in them I wear them out!" She went on to upload an old photo of old flame Rob Camiletti.

Following yesterday's recording studio photo upload, Cher revealed more studio goings-on; "I'm doing Timbaland's song tonight, it's great but high! I'm doing Pink's two songs in two weeks", she wrote.

She then shared, "I worked hard last night! I go in and sing for ninety minutes to two hours straight! I don't like sitting down until the song is finished! Usually I can ace one song in one session! 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' took two hours; 'If I Could Turn Back Time' took ninety minutes! I'm fast!"

Cher continued, "Many artists take a lot of time but more time wouldn't make my vocals better. I don't mean to sound pompous, it's the only way I know! 'Believe' was the worst time in studio - that's why we used pitch machine! It just wasn't working".

The 'Burlesque' actress then spoke about her new album; "I think all the songs are great so far. Kuk [Cher's music producer] heard 'The Greatest Thing' last night and freaked! Great writers! Gaga is major and her vocal is amazing!"


Cher in her 'work PJ's'

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  1. Wow, can she pull those pajamas off or what? Cher really does look good on almost anything, she even made that pair of jammies look stylish. Thanks for the update.