Thursday, August 02, 2012

More Tweets About Cher's New Album! - Kuk Harrell: You're Gonna LOVE Cher's New Album!

Cher and Kuk Harrell
Singer-and-actress Cher has once again been dishing out information about her new album and some of its tracks - more of same goes for Grammy Award-winner Kuk Harrell who is working as a vocal producer and engineer on the album.

Since her US top ten album 'Living Proof' released a mammoth ten years ago, fans of Cher have been waiting for a new studio album. So, it's not surprising that the star feels the need to tweet about her brand new upcoming release.

Some hours ago, the Grammy Award-winning songstress tweeted, "Just finished work! I'm happy - well more than happy! I finished my favorite song (not necessarily the most commercial). I just love it!"

"It's funny, I'm always drawn to same kind of song - overcoming pain, being strong enough and believe in love!", she continued.

A pleased Cher then shared that vocal producer Kuk Harrell's young daughter and her friends "loved" the songs; "Kuk's daughter and friends loved [some of my new] songs! Thrilled - they're young".

As always, Cher replied to many of her fan's tweets. One twitter user asked Cher, "Your're voice is still so strong! I'm amazed, do you vocal train?". Cher answered, "Yes! I vocalize everyday with album and right before show, always! I have a CD from loved teacher".

Another Twitter user (Trey Blea) then asked Cher, "When is your [new] CD coming out?". Cher replied, "[Sometime during the] last months of the year but the first single [will be released] before. I will finish Timbaland's track next week." Although she previously stated that she would be starting work on Pink's two tracks in two week's time, Cher now made it known that she would now be beginning work on them in three week's time.

A few days ago, Kuk Harrell - who is working on Cher's new album as a vocal producer and engineer - tweeted the 66-year-old superstar; "Great vocals tonight!! Let's keep it going!!!", he wrote.

Not long afterwards, he excitedly tweeted - with capital letters and many exclamation marks - about "Red", one of Cher's new tracks. Sporting a hashtag, he tweeted, "#RED!!!!! Wait 'til you hear it!!!! WOW!!"

One Cher fan (and friend of 'Cher News', Ward Lamb) then asked Kuk, "How is Cher these days in terms of vocal power?", to which he simply answered, "ON POINT!!!!!". About Cher's new album, he then told one fan (Gaby), "You're gonna LOVE Cher's new album!!!"

Kuk uploaded a video of himself onto his YouTube account early yesterday during his journey to an airport; in it, he said, "We worked with Cher yesterday to get her record done and everything is sounding amazing."

A day before, he uploaded a brief video - his first in fact; in it, he said, "Hey, just outside the Henson studios with my boy Josh Gudwin here. We're just here working on the Cher record today and man... doing it up."


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