Monday, July 30, 2012

Cher Posts Photo Of Herself In Recording Studio - Plus Her New Single Is Pushed Back To October

Close-up of Cher in the photo she posted of herself onto Twitter
After posting her last photo on Twitter just a couple of hours beforehand, Cher took to the social networking site once again to post yet another new photo - this time of herself in the recording studio.

Further down the line, the 'Believe' singer tweeted details about a new recording; she typed, "Finished Song! I love it!"

She continued, "I can't tell you the names of the songs because my record company gave strict orders!"

The 66-year-old music legend then revealed that her new single is now scheduled for October - one month later than she previously stated; "I think the first single from the album drops in October, then the CD near Christmas", she wrote.

Back to the photo: in a completely unedited state here, sporting the same bright pink hooded-jacket that we saw in the previous photo she posted onto Twitter, Cher is seen in action in her recording studio seemingly recording a new track for her new album.

Unedited photo: Cher in the recording studio


  1. For a living legend her "Official" web site is lame. No bio, no info, nothing of real interest. Shocking and disappointing.

    I didn't think recording studios had rugs on the floor. I thought that effected sound quality. I thought studios were stark and cold

  2. K people just chill! She's CHER!!! For one, she can take however long she wants. And props to her for having a nice studio. Who would want to spend that much time in a stark, cold place? It's CHER, bitch! Love her!

  3. LOVE THIS! I have never known a singer to take so long in putting out a cd. I would have Loved to been able to see her in Vegas. However I am not RICH, I'm lucky I can afford a trip to the nearest city. I have collected on Cher, since I was 13 years old, I'm wwwwaaaayyyy past that now. It's just seems that nothing ever comes our way (FANS) that we can enjoy. Like maybe the "CHER" show on DVD..."CHER" TV Specials on DVD...The Vegas Show on DVD... a CD every 10-15 years. Get my point! I'll wait because I have no other choice. And I don't mean to piss anyone off...but please throw us a BONE!

  4. I agree with other Anonymous people LOL, I adore Cher but her management sucks big time! Hope they'll make it up with the new era and give us something worth the wait!
    Btw that studio looks awesome so is Cher of course!

  5. Cher is Cher. She is the ONLY gal from the 60s or 70s still viable today. She charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00's and now the 10s. No other artist has done that.

  6. Cher hasn't charted yet in the 10's. She stands a good chance of doing that and I hope she does. It would thrill me. However if they wait much longer we probably will all be dead, at least people my age. The general public has a very short memory and they are not going to know who the HELL she is. Have you heard the Top 40 sucks...some are good....Lady Gaga, Madonna,.But then again they put out more cds.

  7. Tell me if i am wrong,, BUT didnt CHER chart in the 10's with "YOU HAVE SEEN THE LAST OF ME"???

  8. I am sure Cher and her record label know why they are taking so long,, THIS CD has got to be SPECIAL and its got to be GREAT,, LOOK what happened with Madonna cd MDNA... its charted well n dropped like a lead ballon in less then 3 weeks, with that she made history!! in all cher's career esp later in the years, she has never been one of those singers to bang one cd after another,,QUANTITY DOES NOT GIVE YOU QUALITY!!

    1. I also saw her last post and listened several songs composed by her. I think she is passionate about singing that encourages her at all steps.


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