Saturday, October 01, 2011

Cher's Life To Be Featured In Broadway Play

Cher at an awards ceremony in 2010Cher is part of a team working on an upcoming Broadway play about the star's life.

Cher posted the news of an upcoming Broadway play about her life to her Twitter fans. She wrote, "Did I tell you about the Broadway play of my life?"

The Oscar-winning legend then revealed information about the project. She stated that there would be three different actress's playing different eras of her life.

The first actress will portray a "young" Cher from the 1960's that "asks for stardom". The second will portray Cher from the 1970's, during her days with Sonny, supposedly when they were making their hit TV show. In place of stardom, the Cher from this era "asks for guidence".

The final Cher, who "wants to act", concentrates on the lengthy era following her split from Sonny.

The exact premise of the play is not fully known, though Cher stated that the, "Three Chers sing and talk to eachother." Cher did reveal that the play "ends with" her 2010 Golden Globe Award-winning 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me'.

It isn't clear how many people are currently working on the play or the roles in which they have. Cher, however, has made it clear that she is writing some of the play. She tweeted, "It's hard writing a real story! Things people know and don't know!"

In an attempt to clarify Cher's role in the making of the play, one Twitter user asked the star about the play, "Do you act, direct, write...etc?" Cher replied, "I will help! Only I know what was really happening!"

What is clear is that the roles of the three actress's that play Cher are still up for grabs. She joked, "It will be hard to find three girls as cute and talented as me! Almost kidding!"


  1. I keep trying to tell her that I could play her when she was young... I know all her songs, and if i lost a few pounds and got tan I could totally pass for her! (plus she's my idol and i'd love to have anything to do with her!)

  2. This could be quite a play.I could not take fake Cher vocals though,nothing could compare to her voice.