Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cher Will Attend 'Dancing With The Stars' Next Week

Cher in 2010 at a press conference for her film, 'Burlesque'
Superstar Cher has announced that she will attend the 'Dancing With The Stars' live show next week if Chaz is still in the competition.

Cher fans have long questioned whether the star would attend any of the live shows of 'Dancing With The Stars' this year, ever since her son Chaz Bono was announced as a competitor on the TV show.

Her publicist stated that Cher had no plans to attend any of the recordings. However, Chaz then shared that he believed that his legendary mother would attend one of the shows. Now, Cher has settled the ongoing debate amongst her fans by stating that she will attend the show next week.

On Twitter, Cher said, "God, I hope Chaz hangs on 'til next week so I can come sit in the audience and watch."

Of course, Chaz will have to hold on to his position in the competition for his mother to attend the live show next week. After all, she will not want to attend if her son isn't there!

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  1. Chaz can't dance,will this Attendance be seen as a booster for a son who really cannot do the steps .. Cher, it's a tough situation.Love must be the reason!