Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cher To Record New Songs In London

Cher in England
Cher is travelling to London soon to record songs for her new album!

Although Cher previously told us that her new single would be released in September, then failed to deliver, you shouldn't be too disappointed because she may just keep her other promise of delivering the album around Christmas time.

The 'Dark Lady' singer has been rather vague in the details about her new album. Therefore, fans don't actually know how many songs have already been recorded for the project.

However, Cher has stated that she has three songs lined-up for recording in the upcoming weeks. On Twitter, the star said, "Going to London in [unspecified amount of] weeks with my friend/producer of 'Believe', to record three songs for the new CD."

It's unclear which 'Believe' producer she is talking about. For one, we don't know if she was referring to the single 'Believe' or the album. She could mean Mark Taylor, who produced, wrote and mixed the majority of the album 'Believe' in London, including the title track. He was also the producer of follow-up album 'Living Proof'.

Other possibilities are little-known Brian Rawling who produced tracks on 'Believe', Todd Terry who produced the last three tracks on the album or Junior Vasquez, though he only produced one track on the 1998 album.

Furthermore, Cher could've been referring to friend Rob Dickins. He was the Executive Producer of both 'Believe' and 'Living Proof'. Dickins is allegedly the one who branded Cher's 2000 album '' as "not commercial" and denied it as the official follow-up to 'Believe', hence the title, and limited release.


  1. I can wait for the single, would rather have the album before christmas of this year. Hurry up, Cher. And I hope the follow-up after this release won't take another 10 yrs!

  2. can't wait :)

  3. love cher and can't wait for album. you should check out a website