Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lady Gaga Has Recorded Vocals For Duet With Cher

Lady Gaga: Cher's new duet partner
The unveiling of "The Greatest Thing" is getting closer, as Lady Gaga has revealed that she has recorded her vocals for the duet.

Cher told us a while back that her new single was written by Lady Gaga, and that it is titled "The Greatest Thing". She then revealed the track would be a duet between the two stars. Now Lady Gaga has confirmed, on Twitter, that she has recorded her vocals for the song;

"Who knew a year ago when I was crying in her arms after she gave me an award, that today we would record a duet. cher You are The Greatest."

Cher then spoke on Twitter, about her own excitement about the single;

"Can hardly wait 4 GT 2 Come Out! Was XCITED 'Bout Making New cd, But Wasn't Expecting BIG Surprises...& THEN...... SUPRISED ! GAGA ! DUET !"

Lady Gaga recently shared the story about the track to MTV News;
"I wrote that song a long time ago, and I've never put it on one of my own albums for, really, no particular reason. I always write these concept records, and it just didn't fit in. But it's always been, like, this big, massive, beautiful hit record and everyone always says, 'Why don't you put that on your album?' And I said, 'I don't know, it just doesn't fit with everything else. Cher heard the song and loved it and wanted to do it together, and I said, 'F--- yeah, it's Cher!' "

She also spoke about sharing the stage, in her meat dress and matching purse, with Cher at last year's VMA Awards;
"I don't think she realized I was handing her meat. She was like, 'No problem, I'll hold your purse.' And then she just sort of had a steak in her hand, and was like, 'Thanks, bitch!' "

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