Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Is Cher's New Studio Album An Abba Covers Album?

Cher revealed a little over  a week ago that her new album is almost finished: "9 vocals down, 1 to go. [I] will redo some when I’m in London... [I'm] very hard to satisfy".

Due to some of Cher's tweets over the last few weeks, a small number of Cher's 3.6-million Twitter followers have speculated that the 72-year old pop icon is working on an album of Abba covers.

The Academy Award-winner is about to begin a promo campaign for her upcoming appearance in next month's Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, for which she recorded covers of Abba's Fernando and Super Trouper -- the former a solo performance whilst the latter is believed to be an ensemble effort featuring Cher.

With all this Abba going on in Cher's current career, mentions of Abba recordings in her tweets led some to believe that she is talking about the Mamma Mia projects. However, her latest one seems to indicate that her new album ("9 vocals down") is going to be an album of Abba covers:

"Getting old is a bitch and not for sissies. However, at the moment, I'm going 9 rounds with ABBA. They’re a challenge because girls sing in girl voices. Think I’m acing many. Fave: 'One Of Us' (girls cried), 'Winner Takes It All' & 'Dancing Queen'. Half my way, half Benny's. Some easy, some Rough".

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