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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cher's Greatest Album Covers -- Voted By Fans

Back in 2013, just prior to the release of Cher's latest studio album Closer To The Truth, Cher fans voted for their favorite Cher album covers...

Like all the count downs Cher News have done before, Cher fans were asked to submit their five all-time favorite Cher album covers, in order, to Cher News in one of a handful of ways before they were counted for this count down...

#10 It's A Man's World
The cover of Cher's 1995 album It's A Man's World has a couple of nods to the Bible's Adam & Eve story, with Cher holding a red apple and a serpent. The predominantly-turquoise David Sceinmann-shot cover shows the singer with her trademark black hair but with blue eyes. The full head-to-toe photo can be seen in the album's inner sleeve.

#9 I'd Rather Believe In You
This album cover is a clear sign that die-hards got their votes in! I'd Rather Believe In You is a non-charting - yet fantastic - studio album from 1976. The cover is one three black-and-white Cher studio album covers from the seventies; whilst the other two (Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves and Dark Lady) show a serious Cher, this one is the complete opposite - a very happy-looking Cher is seen on this cover.

#8 Cherished
Again, another obscure album - her 1977 un-charting studio album Cherished. Cher's name is absent from this ones cover as its title is a play on her name. Cher proudly shows off her natural long straight black hair whilst dressed in a Native American-style top - in fitting with the album's second single War Paint and Soft Feathers and perhaps a throwback to her 1973 hit album Half Breed.

#7 Prisoner
Perhaps Cher's most risque album cover ever? Following the pretty-risque artwork of its hit predecessor Take Me Home, which showcased Cher in a very skimpy Viking-style outfit, Cher stepped the risque-factor up a notch for her next offering Prisoner, which was another 1970's non-charter for her. In fitting with the album's title, Cher is seen on the cover wearing nothing but chains whilst bearing much - much - skin.

#6 Heart of Stone
There's two album covers for Cher's 1989 mega-selling hit album Heart of Stone, but it's the original artwork that you chose as your number 6 all-time favorite Cher album cover. The cover is a painting by Octavio Occampo of Cher against a stone heart, which together resemble a skull. It's a great piece of artwork for a great album. However, the cover was pulled for a more-standard new cover featuring a photo of Cher (which placed at #17 in your count down).

'Dark Lady' by Cher

#5 Dark Lady
The cover of Cher's 1974 moderately-successful studio album Dark Lady sees Cher as - fittingly - a dark lady in a sexy tight-fitting jet-black dress. The poster-worthy cover of the album - which contains the U.S. number one title-track - has Cher in a statue-like pose accessorized with a black cat. "Dark Lady" is the sole piece of color on the cover - being dark red. The idea of a red title on an otherwise black-and-white cover was re-used for her 1976 non-hit studio album I'd Rather Believe In You (#9 in this count down).

'Half-Breed' by Cher

#4 Half-Breed
Another early-1970's hit studio album containing a U.S. number one title-track is your fourth favorite album cover. Going all out on the Native American idea, the Half-Breed cover sees Cher on a horse in an outdoor setting fit for a western movie. Cher's long straight black hair may just be a happy coincidence but the rest of the cover - even the style of her name - is in fitting with the album title.

'Take Me Home' by Cher

#3 Take Me Home
Yet another 1970's studio album with a hit title-track is getting the bronze medal in your countdown. Cher's 1979 Gold-certified album Take Me Home showcases an air-brushed - to nearly animated effect - photo of Cher in a gold Viking-style outfit. Of course, Vikings didn't come this sexy! The shiny barely-there outfit - equipped with a matching cloak/cape - is in the running for the title of Cher's most-risque album cover but her next one, late-1979's Prisoner (#7 in this count down) arguably comes out on top by just a tad.

'Living Proof' by Cher

#2 Living Proof
The silver medal goes to Cher's 2001/'02 studio album Living Proof. It's quite a simple one - the most complex thing on it is the webbed design of Cher's top. The cover sees Cher in a black leather outfit, sporting long blonde hair (with a knot on one side) in a faux-outdoor setting. The Michael lavine-shot cover was the first album of Cher's to have her in blonde hair on the cover.

'Stars' By Cher

#1 Stars
Getting gold... This one is one that casual fans may not know! Released in 1975, this studio album only reached #153 on the Billboard 200 chart. Its dull performance on the chart contrasts with the colourful album cover. Stars features a head-shot of Cher surrounded by strings of colored lights, including one that reads "Cher" and one that reads "Stars". The under-performing album is one that is cherished by die-hard Cher fans worldwide - one of the reasons that it's scored the number one position in your count down! - Plus the fact that it's a great cover!


  1. So why the hell hasn't it been released on cd yet? I love you Cher but I don't understand why you refuse to have this reissued.

  2. Please can u elaborate about the cover of 1971 album Gypsies tramps and thieves?