Monday, October 17, 2016

WATCH! Hilarious New Video of Cher Giving Make-Up Tips

A new video of the seemingly-ageless Cher giving make-up tips has been uploaded onto YouTube.

The video, entitled "Register To Vote In 1:34 With The One And Only Cher" Sees the 'Burlesque' actress delve into her large make-up bag and explore some of its content for viewers.

A particularly funny moment comes one-minute-and-ten-seconds into the video when the excited 70-year-old endearingly shrieks "Oh my God! I love this" about one particular cosmetic item, before asking the camerawoman to read what its name is.

The video is part of a series launched by YouTube, encouraging viewers to register to vote in this upcoming election.

"Did you know it only takes 1:34 to register to vote? For National Voter Registration Day, starting today the YouTube community will be making 1:34 videos to make sure that you're registered to vote.

"We believe in giving everyone a voice. So this U.S. elections season, we’re committed to making sure that people--especially young people--use their voice by voting."

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  1. She's so CUTE.....VOTE ppl...

  2. Wonderful,you sweet lovely sugar doll Cher.

  3. That was the best, she is so awesome, just to see her get excited like a little kid is Great!

  4. You are so freakin cool! I love you! There is not even enough words to explain it!