Sunday, September 11, 2016

Spotted! Superstar Cher Poses With Fans On Streets Of New York

'Burlesque' beauty Cher is currently in New York, and was willing to stop and take photos with a couple of grateful fans yesterday.

Hiding her striking eyes behind dark sunglasses, the 'Half Breed' singer donned a predominantly-black casual outfit as she posed with two male fans.

The unbelievably-70-year-old Goddess Of Pop is in the Big Apple to work on the upcoming Broadway play based on her life. At the end of the day, she tweeted "Just got home from work on play. We started at 3 this afternoon. Talking about my life may be harder than living it. I Should have done less".

About the auto-biographical play, Cher added, "The hardest part is exposing life people don't know. You want to be honest, but sometimes truth is too hardcore, and you don't have death to protect you."

Many people have their lives told posthumously. My life is.. Shall we say... A rich tapestry of drama, heartbreak, rocket to the top, rocket to the bottom, rocket to the unknown".

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