Thursday, September 08, 2016

Exciting Time For Cher Fans: Goddess Of Pop Prepares For Photo Shoot And Big Press Release

Singer-actress Cher tweeted to one fan that she is gearing up to go to the Big Apple - New York - for a read-through of the script for the upcoming Broadway play based on her life.

She also mentioned upcoming travels to Capri - an island in Italy - and to Canada.

Excitingly, the 'Woman's World' singer also told the fan that she has an upcoming photo shoot (new Cher photos - yes please!), and a big press release in October! - Likely for that biographical play.

Cher wrote to the fan: "Having great time: getting ready to go Big Apple for play read-through; Capri; Canada; a photo shoot; and a big press release in October!! Am loving life."



  1. Thrilled to see you posting again��
    SO EXCITED that CHER beginning to Roll Out latest Projects ������

  2. Omg I just adore her! Can't wait for Sonny and Cher Show and more Cher news!

  3. So excited for you Cher! You are so talented and entertaining! Good Luck to you Cher! xo

  4. God, I have a reason to live.. Finally!♥

  5. Just wondering if you plan on ever having your brilliant "Stars" album re-issued on cd I have worn out my vinyl. Love this album never get tired of listening to it

  6. Hurrah! Eric, I recently noticed there is a Gold CD-edition of "Stars" released. Don't remember where but google and you will find it! /Matty