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Friday, November 21, 2014

Recovering Cher "Devastated" As 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Is Cancelled - Though It May Resume In 2015!

Cher's North American 'Dressed To Kill Tour', which began in March, was a major success - Pollstar named it the top female tour of 2014 by mid-year.

However, from September-onward, Cher was forced to postpone the tour several times due to having an acute viral illness that affected her kidney function.

Her rep told fans earlier this month that the singer was "healthy" and had "beaten the illness" and thus would return to the stage during November though the tour was postponed once more to December as Cher's doctors advised her to rest.

It has now been announced, however, that the tour has been cancelled altogether - a press release for the 'Believe' singer states:

"With enormous regret, Cher has announced the cancellation of all remaining dates on her 'Dressed To Kill (D2K)' concert tour

"Beginning in March, the multi-award-winning superstar completed 49 sold-out concerts to unanimous rave reviews before taking a scheduled break in July.

"Shortly before returning to the road in September, she was felled by an infection that affected her kidney function.

"While her progress has been consistent, Cher's doctors have advised her to take more time to ensure complete and total recovery."

On the other hand, Cher herself has avoided using the word "cancelled" and hopes that the tour will resume next year - she herself stated in the press release; "I am totally devastated.

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I cannot apologize enough to all the fans who bought tickets. I'm so proud of this show. It is my best ever.

"I sincerely hope that we can come back again next year and finish what we started".

After the press release hit publication, Cher went on Twitter to tell her fans, "I'm sorry I couldn't be the one to tell you about postponing my tour. I tried so hard to be strong enough, but my will couldn't force my body time."

This wasn't the only bad news for Cher; Mike Nichols, the director whom cast her alongside Meryl Streep in 183's 'Silkwood', sadly passed away this week.

Cher tweeted about the tour, "Let's talk about it tomorrow. Between gut-wrenching sadness of not being able to go onstage, sing, be silly, wear new Bob Mackie costumes and Mike dying, I'm heart-broken."


  1. Cher,hope you get well soon,sorry to hear you are sick,take of yourself and I hope to see you in concert again but your health is more important. Luv You Patricia Gilliland Take Care Of Yourself <3

  2. It just seems there is more they are not telling the fans, I understand she is 68 and has had this several times, but I feel something is not right!. Why are they showing her up and out if she is that sick? She needs to come clean to all of us that have followed her threw the years and stuck by her. We really need the truth, I pray she gets better real soon

    1. She doesn't have to tell anyone anything! If there is more to this then that is her business. We might be fans but that doesn't grant us access to her personal life. We choose to stick by her, that's our choice. I hope she gets better and re-starts the tour soon.

    2. Get real. Yes she does owe us. When deciding to go the famous route on our money, Stars have to realize that their life really isn't theirs anymore. Their in public eye now. Hey that's what they "signed up for"!

    3. You choose to follow her, that is your decision. She isn't forcing you to. When it is a medical/personal issue, that is her business. She is entitled to some privacy! Anyway, who's to say that what she has told us isn't the truth. People always want to try and turn everything in to a big drama.

    4. I don´t agree with Roberto, there are many singers or "stars" as you say, you choose the ones you follow. They are owners of their lives as any other person.

      I don´t care whether she returns to the tour soon or later next year or in 3 years, she sure will continue it. But 1st of all, the most important thing is that she recovers completely

  3. It's obvious that Cher has "worried herself" sicker by NOT being able to return to the concert series, therefore disappointing HER FANS. What other performer would even give a SHIT about their fans? I think anyone who criticizes her when she is SICK AND HAS NO CONTROL OVER her doctors forbidding her to return to the schedule at this time should get their refund and find another performer to support! How can you be so heartless? Cher puts her "heart and soul" into every concert, performance and thing she does for her fans. She doesn't need the money. She does it because she loves to do it and she LOVES HER FANS. So get over it and get another performer to gripe about, Cher doesn't need pseudo-supporters like you - "fair-weather" fans who cut her to the quick when she fails to please YOU.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth though I could NOT have said it better myself. I've been a faithful follower of Cher since I was I don't know, 2 years old. So almost 28 years. No one forced me, matter of fact my mother who I was home all day with glued to mtv waiting for the next Cher (or Stevie Nicks) song to come on again, darn near forced me NOT to follow her. I think she and some others around me were just getting tired of "If I Could Turn Back Time" repeating non stop. If I wasn't listening to it or watching it, I was singing it myself. Due to my toddler ears not picking up certain words perfectly yet, I was in my early teens before my mom finally told me that "words are like warewolves they wound sometimes" was no the correct lyrics! Anyway enough about me, I just wanna know why people feel the need to spend their precious time here on Earth trolling the internet, seeking sites about people they DON'T like and spreading their particular brand of hate. It's one thing if it is an article or a forum pertaining to negative qualities of (insert famous person here) meant for fellow bashers to get their ya ya's out. But it's another thing completely to visit a site devoted to a person and frequented by their most die hard fans, and bash that person. Is your life really that small? No really, I honestly want to know, is it? Life is too short for real.
      And while I have got myself going, No Robeto, Cher does NOT OWE YOU or me or ANYONE for that matter, shit! What she does, she does because she really cares about and appreciates us and she LOVES showing us that she knows she would not be where she is today had so many people not bought her albums, seen her films, went to her concerts, made her a part of their lives! I had tickets to one of the cancelled shows. Was I upset? OF COURSE. But was I more worried about her health and praying for a full and quick recovery? YOU BET YOUR ASS. Did I ever once for a second think, 'oh how could she, she owes me?' Get over yourself! Any true fan is going to be upset when a much anticipated show is cancelled but I don't know how after reading her note attatched to the cancellation notices how anyone could be mad at her! She was truly devastated and I believe her completely. She's a lot of things, her personality is a lot of things too, but I can assure you, fake is not one of them. She says what she feels and isn't ashamed of it. I felt nothing but compassion for her when I read the cancellation notice.
      Here's hoping that she is 100% and then, and ONLY then can we hope she continues the tour. Which she stated she could not wait to do, not because she owes any one of us a damn thing, but because she wants to!

  4. I read different & crossed news about this, some of them are not good news, some others are encouraging. I wonder: Who tells the truth?
    I hope that Cher is recovering & getting better every day. I wish her the best.-

  5. I think if Cher is too old to follow this touring thing, she should cut number of countries and states where she performs. Even if she doesn't continue this tour it doesn't matter, only thing that I would like is to see is Cher in more movies, all glammed up and with glittery makeup. Let's be real we barely even see Cher on TV talk shows or movies, or anywhere. It would be great if she appeared in some movie like an medieval evil queen (like Charlize Theron in snow white) or something like that.

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