Sunday, September 28, 2014

RuPaul, Debbie Gibson, Cheryl Lynn, Loree Rodkin, Charlie Hides & Cher Tell Us Their Favourite Cher Songs!

We're turning back time...

For fun's sake, 'Cher News' asked an array of celebrity Cher fans to reveal their all-time favorite Cher songs and posted their answers around one year ago.

Whilst we wait for the ill songstress to get well, let's have another look at the songs chosen by RuPaul, Loree Rodkin, Charlie Hides, Debbie Gibson and Cher herself, plus new addition Cheryl Lynn.

RuPaul and Cher
RuPaul (@RuPaul)
Like Cher, he is known by just one name. And by his choice of favorite Cher songs, it is clear that the long-legged multi-talented drag queen is a big fan of the 67-year-old music legend. The ever-extravagant RuPaul has found success as an actor, model, author, recording artist and TV personality - one example of the latter being his 'The RuPaul Show', which Cher appeared on in 1997.
Q: What is your favorite Cher song?
A: 'Save Up All Your Tears', 'The Gunman', 'Bang Bang' with Bon Jovi.

Loree Rodkin and Cher
Loree Rodkin (@missrodkin)
One of Cher's closest friends - as evidenced by the frequent snapshots of the pair together. Rodkin is a jewelry designer for some of the world's most-recognizable stars, including Cher, and once managed the careers of Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Q: What is your favorite Cher song?
A: 'Just Like Jesse James'

Charlie Hides (@charliehidestv)
A big Cher fan who imitates her - and other celebrities - to a tee frequently in videos on his popular YouTube channel, which has a staggering fifteen-million views. He even managed to get Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue to star in one of his videos last year!
Q: What is your favorite Cher song?
A: 'Heart of Stone', 'Song For The Lonely' and 'Strong Enough' top my list

Debbie Gibson (@DebbieGibson)
During the days of her (no doubt, electric) youth, Debbie Gibson twice topped the US Hot 100, and just like one of her idols, Cher, she continues to make music decades on from her teen d├ębut and has found success in film and television. Unlike Cher, however, Gibson has a US#1 album in her back-catalogue - hopefully something that Cher will achieve one day!
Q: What is your favorite Cher song?
A: 'Half Breed'! And 'If I Could Turn Back Time' of course!

Cheryl Lynn
Cheryl Lynn (@CherylSLynn)
Singer-songwriter Lynn cemented her name in music history with her 1978 debut single 'Got To Be Real' - which is regularly crowned as one of the defining disco moments. The disco (and soul and R&B) songstress did not need to be asked to reveal her favorite Cher song - she did it anyway, unsurprisingly opting for a track which definitely has some elements of disco:
"I love Cher, her voice is magical. My favorite song from her is 'Believe'. Do you believe in life after love."

Cher (@cher)
Despite it bringing joy to the ears of millions of music-listeners around the globe during the last half-a-century, Cher is self-admittedly not a fan of her own voice! HOW!!?... I don't know. But Cher did manage to pluck a couple of her favorite musical moments when asked for one during last year's Livestream event with Mark Steines:
Q: What is your favorite Cher song?
A: I don't ever listen to my albums... 'Song For The Lonely'. that's one of my favorite songs. There's a song on 'Closer To The Truth' about 9/11 called 'Sirens'... It's a really beautiful song.

More importantly, you, the fans, chose your favorite Cher songs for a Cher-tastic Top 50 count down here on 'Cher News' last year - with 'If I Could Turn Back Time' earning the #1 spot.


  1. THERE ARE TOO MANY, Cheryl, u r RIGHT her voice is magical

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