Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cher Reveals 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Opening Night Problems: Right Before Show I Was Making Notes And Crying

Cher on her 'dressed To Kill Tour' opening nightCher performed show number one of her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' last night - before revealing that it hadn't run smoothly.

The 20-song set began at Phoenix, Arizona's US Airways Center at around 10:00PM (Arizona time) before wrapping up around midnight.

Three hours later, the 'Mermaids' star told her 2-million Twitter followers that there were a number of opening night problems: "Before showtime I was being fitted for costumes! Shoes man is punk, no shoes, boots! Learned new choreography yesterday. New wigs tonight! Killed ourselves. I made a new mistake every four minutes... You know... Like my f--king iPhone".

"No costumes, no shoes, no monologue, hours of fitting. Right before show I was making notes and crying. It wasn't smooth, but it was fun. Very proud of my crew! I'm grateful for the chance to make people happy. It seems I have a gift? I think it was fun? Every song was crazy, then over".

She declared that between the concerts's finish and her Twitter session, she had, "Been in meetings! More fittings. Had to to fix cues. Cleaned up entrance. My crew rocked it tonight. No sleep, none! It was miracle. Everything was so last minute. Some wigs weren't perfect. But some just needed change. Never had costumes on until tonight."

 The 67-year-old took to Twitter once again at half-past-eight in the morning: about long-time costume designer Bob Mackie, whom was unable to work with her on the show, Cher wrote, "I miss Bob!".

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