Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cher Responds After Son Elijah Tells The Press About Their Rift

Cher and son Elijah AllmanCher's 37-year-old son Elijah Allman engaged in tell-all interviews on US TV show 'Entertainment Tonight' and with UK publication 'Daily Mail' in the last 24 hours, discussing his childhood, past drug habits and family, amongst other things.

His superstar mother was the main topic - especially a rift between the two of them as Cher allegedly didn't acknowledge or congratulate his engagement or elopement to 26 year old now-wife Marieangela "Angie" King.

Elijah - whose father is Cher's second-and-final husband Gregg Allman - said, "She knows that I'm married, my entire family knows I'm married. Some have congratulated me, some haven't. My father's side of the family is very happy for us and is very excited." The 37-year-old singer-turned-artist stated that he hasn't spoken to his mother since the 1 December elopement and allegedly weren't invited to the family Christmas celebration at Cher's house.

"I mean it was probably a better Christmas for all of them with us not being there because of the emotions are kind of little high right now." Wife Angie added, "I was very hurt. Christmas is supposed to be about family, we'd just got married."

Elijah and girlfriend AngieElijah - whom, with Angie, temporarily moved in with his mother last year - suggested that his 67-year-old mother might be finding it difficult to give up her son to another woman: "Those feelings come up for any mother that their son's being lost to another woman." However, late last year, Cher told UK publication 'Closer' that she's wishing that Elijah will provide her with grandchildren - no doubt with his current missus.

In a subtle manner, Cher has contradicted Elijah's comments. On Twitter just moments ago, one fan wrote to her, "Sad Cher rift with Elijah is being exposed by him. We don't know her version or what is truth or not. We must respect this private moment. The multi-talented mother-of-two (Elijah and Chaz Bono) responded, "I know it's confusing for you but I love Elijah. And like Chaz, he is my heart. I've said I truly regret some of my choices. But his truth is, well?"

Despite his interviews leading 'Radar Online' to label Cher "Monster Mom" and "coldhearted", Elijah did have some positive words for his superstar mother in one of the interviews: "You know, she's really talented. She's gorgeous - I mean, she's Cher. What's not to love?"

In September 2013, about her and her children, Cher told Australian publication 'Sydney Morning Herald'  that, "We're close, but we butt heads. All of us."

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  • Cher's new studio album 'Closer To The Truth' has risen almost 100 positions (from #176) to #80 on this week's Billboard 200.


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  2. Cher: Reconcile if you have rifted. He is your legacy.