Friday, April 26, 2013

New Photos of Cher At Grauman's Theatre - Includes TCM's Robert Osbourne

International chart-topper Cher went on popular social networking site Twitter earlier today to tweet photographs of herself at Hollywood's Grauman's Theatre.

One of the snapshots that Cher posted shows the wavy-haired songstress alongside Robert Osbourne, whom she's been co-starring alongside every Friday in April on TCM's 'Friday Night Spotlight'.

Cher tweeted, with the following photograph, "Robby and me 20 minutes ago at Grauman's Theatre! I was his surprise! He said, 'You're my Friday night girlfriend'.

Cher jokingly captioned the following photograph with, "Me as a blur" - although it gives us a good glimpse of what she was wearing waist-down.

"Me as Mona Lisa", is what Cher wrote alongside the third photo:

With the fourth-and-final photo, Cher wrote, "Me backstage in my best 'How cute do your think I am?' smile. Dr Freud, table for two, you guest is seated and cute.'"

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  1. Oh god, she look amazing, so beautiful. ...très, très belle. Chapeau Cher