Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Photographs Show That Cher Has Barely Aged Since 'Believe' Era!

New photographs of Cher at an AFI event around twelve hours ago show that the 66-year-old superstar looks pretty much the same that she did 15 years ago!

(Yes, I'm doing a before-and-after article. Yes, you could call it lazy journalism - but at least there aren't any of those over-used 'Turn Back Time' puns here!)

In 1998, Cher achieved what most 50-something singers could only dream of when her dance-pop single 'Believe', and its identically-titled parent album, topped charts all over the world.
The same dance-pop formula was used for her 2001 album 'Living Proof'. 12 years later. Cher will be releasing what she labelled a "hardcore dance" studio album later this year, with its first single 'Woman's World' being released in June.

Whilst we've all been aging since her first dance-pop spell, and throughout the 12-year wait between her albums, Cher clearly hasn't been; photographs of her at the recent AFI event show that Cher hasn't really aged since 1998!

Now, of course, unlike 99% of  female celebrities, Cher hasn't been shy when it comes to talks of plastic surgery; the 'Burlesque' actress has on numerous occasions admitted that she has had some work done - although it's nowhere near the amount that tabloids like to claim! But good genes (have you seen the women in her family?), good diet, and more exercising that most of us do keeps the star looking youthful.


  1. Absolutely ageless; fantastic!

  2. She used to look more fresh and natural in the Believe era. But I must agree that she doesn't show her age! Love Cher.

  3. ageless and sublime

  4. ageless and sublime

  5. She ruined her lips by making them wider, and adding cupid's bow to them, wich makes a big gap between her nose and lips. The attention is on her lips, when you look at her face. And her chin and jawline are also wider. She looked MUCH better with small plump lips, and eyebrows that were carefully plucked and arched, unlike these manly eyebrows. I think Cheer is a beauty and youth icon, so bad that she did all this things to her face that actually makes her look older.