Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cher's Reaction To New (Unofficial) 'Woman's World' Remix! Plus Is Her New Album Finished Or Not?

Many unofficial remixes of Cher's upcoming single 'Woman's World' have surfaced on the internet in the past few months, but one of the latest ones has managed to catch Cher's attention - and this one certainly has her seal of approval. She tweeted, "You should listen to Mz Poppinz's remix of 'Woman's World' on YouTube. It's truly superb!"

Although the 66-year-old was slightly puzzled at how the DJ had managed to get her hands on the song's audio track to make the remix; "I don't know how she got the vocals only?"

Cher surprisingly made the rare move of commenting on the remix on YouTube, letting on that she had listened to the remix multiple times; "I had to hear it just one more time! You're rockin' it with those strings Mz".

Watch the video of Mz Poppinz's remix of 'Woman's World' below:

Moving on slightly but not completely: right now, we're all hoping that Cher's upcoming album will be released in March - as previously stated by a spokesperson for her record label. However, many fans have estimated that the album will actually be released in April, or even May. Some of these estimations could be right as Cher has revealed that she has received a handful of new songs to record - either for the actual album or as bonus tracks.

Commenting, whilst on another return to the aforementioned YouTube video, Cher wrote, "CD is almost finished, but I just got 3 great new songs! I hope one is right for kick-ass violinist [Mz Poppinz] do kick-ass solo!"

Although she confused many when she quickly went on to write, "Actually it is finished, but a great song cannot be denied! It grabs you around the heart and says, 'Bitch! Sing me!'"

On Twitter, she wrote, "F**k! These songs refuse to go unsung! I love them so much that I couldn't bear not recording them! OK, so a few extra bonus tracks!"


  1. hey i loved it luv u Cher!!!! date on album plz???? anywayz love remix!!!!! CANT WAIT!!1 diva returned!!!!

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