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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

(200th 'Cher News' Post) PHOTOS: Cher With Contest Winners

As we all know by now, Cher posed for photographs with the winners of the Twitter/Facebook contests/auction earlier this month when they claimed their prize of spending much of the day on the set of Cher's 'Woman's World' music video shoot.

Recently on Twitter, Cher posted at least some of the photographs taken, with all the prize winners present. Take a look: (and note that this woman is almost 67-years-old!)


  1. I loved these photos!! Thank you Daniel!!

  2. I can't think of another star of Cher's magnitude that would allow fans at a filming of a music video. Cher's generous heart comes shining through.

  3. Congrats to all the winners!! Can't wait to see the video!! WB needs to kick the energy UP - a release date is rumoured to be only a month and half away!

  4. OMG Cher looks like she 30 again!!!! i luv her!! and also whens this AWESOME video comin out? CANT WAIT!!!!!

  5. She so gorgeous on this photo's, bravo ! Can we believe this woman are almost 67 years old unbelievable. She will rock forever the world. Thank you CHER

  6. Oh...and YES hontey!!! Ms Cher look FAGULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Cher is like fine wine, she just gets better with age.

  8. I love her dont get me wrong but did anyone els notice that the lighting could have been altered to make her look even prettier if thats possible? like less bright just normal lighting. just saying but i love her in any and every light!!!!! FOREVER!!!

    1. I get what your saying but it is 'on set' so the lighting is for the video. But also there is a type of flash that can be highly flattering, but that pays off for both Cher and the winners. I don't think bad lighting would make Cher look older or bad it would just make a worse photo.

  9. Sooooooo no news this month yet???


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