Sunday, December 23, 2012

PHOTOS: Cher's Home Gets Dressed Up For Christmas

Whilst those of us that celebrate Christmas have dressed up our homes with Christmas trees, lights, tinsel and other festive decorations, Cher has shown that she isn't any different from us - she's tweeted about her own decorations. However, Cher's are slightly more grand than ours - as expected!

The 66-year-old superstar, who sang background vocals on Phil Spector's late-1963 festive album 'A Christmas Gift For You', tweeted about her decorations for the December 25 celebrations.

On Twitter, she wrote, "I have taken a gazillion pictures of the house! I will send a few now and others as days go by!"

Cher's home - decorated for Christmas

Cher's home - decorated for Christmas

Cher's home - decorated for Christmas

Cher's home - decorated for Christmas

In the photographs, we get to see Cher's dining area, which will seat her many guests during the holidays; she tweeted "All bedrooms are filled and 35 for dinner! Family and friends - some with no families and some with no place to go!"

Moving on slightly, thanks to her tweets, we got to see a day in the life of Cher. What did Cher do yesterday (22 Dec)? Well, here we go; "I got up; dry brushed; went down to the gym - did abs, legs, arms, jumped on the trampoline (to CD), then step class (my own); went in to talk to electricians! Puffed up pillows! Tried to synchronize lights! Sat in front of new chandelier - they turned it on! It was amazing for 3 seconds and then blew all the lights in the house!"

She quipped, "My work out is usually not so long but I'm getting ready for my music video! I'm almost 105-years-old you know, so I have to kick ass in the gym! My voice is still 20, but my butt needs to be 15!"

Just in case I don't get another opportunity to say it to you - Merry Christmas from Daniel at 'Cher News'!


  1. The house looks beautiful hope you have a blessed holiday, Thanks for the pics cher, Oh I hope Mr Big is doing well Kiss him for me, Sandra

  2. hallo ik kom van Nederland en ik wens Cher waar ik al sinds 1998 fan van ben een hele fijne kerst en een gelukkig nieuw jaar toe!
    Ik hoop dat ze ook naar Nederland komt op tournee

    Liefs Sasha

    Hello I'm from the Netherlands. I've been a fan since 1998 by Cher she's great.
    I wish her and her family a great Christmas and a happy New Year
    I also hope that they will also be on tour in the Netherlands

    Love Sasha

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