Friday, November 16, 2012

Cher's Private Russian Gig

Cher in concert
Finally! We get to know a little more about Cher's Russian gig.

Quite a while ago, Cher mentioned a gig that she was to perform in Russia, in December. Then hours ago she briefly mentioned the upcoming show once more. Very little was known about the gig - some assumed that it would be part of her upcoming tour.

Now, Cher has shared a little more about the mysterious Russian gig.

On Twitter, one fan (@barabesina) tweeted Cher, "I really need to know more about your show in Russia." Cher answered, "It's a private show on the 14th December. That's all I know!"

Although it's a private show, let's hope we can get our hands on some footage when the time comes!


  1. Celebrities who have made millions to agree to a private show to make millions is a disgrace. You perform for the public...unless it's for charity.

    1. and we dont know that yet,, she may well be doing that n also keepin it on the dl

  2. She deserves to make all the money she can! She is performing for PUBLIC, a private one! There are going to be fans too! Suck it up!


  3. Also you have to look at it the other way around, if someone has the money and desire to see Cher or anyone perform and they want a private show and they put the dough up for it, then so be it.

    Cher gives a lot to charity, let us not forget 'Love can build a bridge.'

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