Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Cher's 'The Triple Album Collection'

It's clear that Cher has a new album coming out soon as her record label have decided to release a brand new set of CDs which compile Cher's last three studio albums into one handy package, titled 'The Triple Album Collection'.

Containing some of her best-known hits such as 'Walking In Memphis', 'One By One', 'Believe', 'All Or Nothing', 'Strong Enough' and 'Song For The Lonely', the Warner Music release showcases Cher's album's 'It's A Man's World', 'Believe' and 'Living Proof' on three CDs.

As expected, the collection starts with her 1995 album 'It's A Man's World'. Luckily, it is the European version of the album which means more tracks.

Some fans see this album as the greatest album of her career – although some others think it of the other two albums found here – the only difference is 'It's A Man's world' went almost unnoticed in her native United States, unlike the other pair. Here, it should be noted that the American version had three tracks removed, with many of the remaining songs sporting different mixes than the European version – carrying more of an R&B sound. The European release has more of a pop/rock vibe – something that Cher fans are more used to.

The UK top ten album begins with Cher's hit version of Marc Cohn's 'Walking In Memphis' – a song she enjoys singing in cocert - and ends with her rendition of James Brown's classic 'It's A Man's Man's Man's World', with a whole load of covers in between. As well as 'Walking In Memphis', three other songs on this album charted as singles in the UK; the singles 'One By One', 'Not Enough Love In the World' and her version of The Walker Brother's 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore'.

Even casual Cher fans will know at least one or two of the tracks on Cher's best-selling album of all time, 1998's 'Believe' – the second album in this collection. Opening the album is the title track – the hugely successful US#1 dance-pop anthem 'Believe', which is Cher's most successful single to date and still the best-selling single by a female in the UK.

Also contained here are that single's two follow-ups, 'Strong Enough' and 'All Or Nothing' – both of which ran up charts all over the world on release and have had spots in the majority of Cher's concerts since.

The album's fourth hit, 'Dov'è L'Amore', and album tracks 'The Power'; and 'Takin' Back My Heart' provide a listen to anybody who isn't interested in listening to Cher's dance-pop tunes on the album – although they may want to stay away from the next album...

Consisting of almost-just dance songs, the third – and final - album in this 3-CD set is Cher's 2001 'Living Proof' - this is also the European version so don't be expecting the US-exclusive track 'When You Walk Away' on this album. Instead, the European Track 'You Take It All' is present in its place.

What is true of 'It's A Man's World' is reversed with this album – it charted in the top ten in North America but didn't break the top forty in the UK. However, its opening track, 'The Music's No Good Without You' reached number 8 on the UK charts. A whole abundance of US #1 dance hits are also on this album - 'Song For The Lonely'; 'A Different Kind of Love Song'; and 'When The Money's Gone'.

The European versions of two of the albums here may have given the hint that the collection is a European release, which is partly true – it is seemingly being released everywhere outside the US, although it is of course available there as an import.

As many of these kind of '2-in-1' - or in this case, '3-in-1' - albums have, expect cardboard packaging, and perhaps a lack of booklets. However, its the 46 tracks here that are important.

The Warner Music CD collection is to be released early-to-mid October 2012, with the actual date varying between media outlets, and locations.


Walking In Memphis
Not Enough Love In the World
One By One
I Wouldn't Treat A dog (The Way You Treated My)
Angels Running
Paradise Is here
I'm Blowin' Away
Don't Come Around Tonite
The Same Mistake
The Gunman
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Shape Of Things To Come
It's A Man's Man's Man's World

The Power
All Or Nothing
Strong Enough
Dov'è L'amore
Takin' Back My Heart
Taxi Taxi
Love Is the Groove
We All sleep Alone

The Music's No Good Without You
Alive Again
(This Is) A Song For The Lonely
A Different Kind Of Love Song
Rain, Rain
Love So High
Body To Body, Heart To Heart
Love Is A lonely Place Without You
Real Love
Love One Another
You Take It All
When The Money's Gone

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  1. As one of Cher's biggest fans I cannot wait for the CD, as well as hope a live concert comes around to PA.

  2. This is what Warners did with Madonna. This is really Happening!!

  3. Hmm no out usual

  4. Great, love this! The Geffen era collection(Cher, Heart of Stone, Love Hurts) is also amazing!

    One thing, how are the sales of these counted, do they add the sales to the amount of copies the albums sold individually before?

  5. Why don't they put out the 4 WB albums from the 70s? Stars is her best album in my opinion. But they put out these three that any Cher fan already has and you can get in the used CD section a lot cheaper then what they are selling them for.

  6. I bought this CD today. :) It's nice and it's my second CD from Cher. :)

    The third one is gonna be the new album. :)