Thursday, June 21, 2012

100th Cher News Article: PHOTOS - Cher at Morgan Freeman Film Screening

Cher, June 2012Cher attended a screening of a new film starring Morgan Freeman, 'The Magic of Belle Isle' - and there's a handful of photos to show it!

Cher announced on Twitter that she would be attending a screening of the film, which also stars friend Virginia Madsen, not too long ago on social networking site Twitter.

Sporting black leggings, platform heels and of course a black leather jacket, topped off with a black handbag, a patterned scarf, hoop earrings and a pair of sunglasses, the 66-year-old star attended the event with longtime pal Loree Rodkin.

Cher struts past paparazzi

Cher struts past photographers

Cher was sporting her real hair at the evnt

Cher smiles at the camera

Cher playfully waves at the camera

Cher after removing her sunglasses

Now, as it's the 100th 'Cher News' article, I thought it would be a good idea to reveal the top five most viewed articles on here of all-time - well since Last August, when it began!

At number five is 'Cher's New Album Is Still Not Finished' - an article which evolved after Cher replied to me on Twitter in January after I asked if her new album was finished yet. The answer was no! The article has been viewed 3,754 times.

The article at number four is the lengthy 'News Round-up: Cher's New Tour', compiled in March of all the as-of-then known information about Cher's new tour. Just one of the many 'News Round-Up' articles that can be seen on 'Cher News', it has been viewed 4,097 times.

In third place is 'New Paparazzi Shot of Cher - No Make-up' - a February article that was centered around just one photo of Cher, gaining 4,224 page views.

The article at number two doesn't consist of news at all. Instead, it's the second part to a two-part post compiling 'Cher's Most Unforgettable Oscar Dresses', from November last year. While its first part didn't even make the top ten, this one, which showcased Cher's two most famous Oscar outfits, was viewed a staggering 5,225 times.

Leading at number one is an article that has been viewed 5,867 times! From all the way back in September, its 'Redone Reveals The Story On The Greatest Thing'. The article all about the Cher-Lady gaga song was short - but clearly sweet!

There they are, the top five most viewed articles on 'Cher News'!

Let's make it to 200 articles, shall we?


  1. strongenough33321 June, 2012 19:21

    I just wanted to let you know that this is my favorite website of all time.
    Long live Cher & Cher News!

    1. What a compliment! Thank you. I really do work as hard as I can doing 'Cher News' and I'm glad that it's appreciated.

  2. Yes! This site brings ALL the news about the Mother Queen Diva before any other site about! Thanks for the hard work!