Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chaz Confirms That The Latest National Enquirer Article About Him Is Not True

Chaz BonoChaz Bono has confirmed that the latest 'National Enquirer' story printed about Cher and himself are not true.

The 'National Enquirer' is definitely not the most trustworthy publication when it comes to producing headlines about our favorite superstar Cher, or her son Chaz Bono (Remember Cher's Secret Wedding, Cher's Shocking Breakdown Over Chaz and Chaz Bono - Only 4 Months To Live?).

So, when I came across their latest cover story, Chaz Storms Off After Telling Cher: "You Make Me Sick!", I decided to contact Chaz Bono to ask if there was any the truth behind the story, in a bid to set the record straight.

For those that haven't seen it, the story in question intrudes into Chaz's recent separation from his girlfriend Jennifer Elia. It claims that Cher and Chaz fought over the situation during the Christmas holidays with Cher coldly spouting negativity about Chaz's ex. The magazine, which infamously relies on anonymous sources and so-called insiders, claims that Chaz responded to Cher's comments with, "You make me sick - I never want to see you again!"

The 'National Enquirer' coverI asked Chaz, on social networking site Twitter, "The National Enquirer are saying that you and Cher recently had a big argument but I'm guessing it isn't true?"

The witty author and activist responded, "Good guess."

Moments later, Chaz tweeted, "I've gotten a lot of tweets about some story in the enquirer. Everything they've ever written about me has been a complete fabrication."

One particular Twitter onlooker, namely Anthony C (@Classified1A), tweeted about the subject, saying, "It's ridiculous how they get away with putting out such nonsense." What a perfect way to end this post!


  1. The newspapers are in the wrong for saying that! xx

  2. There is such a thing as journalistic integrity and responsible reporting - Chaz, my darling, both you and mom should SUE to make a point and LEGAL PRECEDENT to stop these TABLOID RAGS and put them out of business...

  3. Glad to know that chaz says this story is all fabricated. Love Cher and Chaz u are a free spirit who am i to judge.