Monday, August 15, 2011

Cher Looks Like A Vampire

Cher has been posting more photos onto her Twitter account!

The 'Goddess of Pop' dressed herself up in a "vampire" look for the photos, wearing heavy make-up and a black hat on her long black hair. The legend briefly explained the reason behind the photos in a tweet;

"Came home fresh faced got bored!"

Cher shared that her love for make-up has stayed with her thoughout her life;

"This is what I did as kid ! Oh Make-up !"

Cher posing for a photo
Cher's Adidas tracksuit bottoms wasn't part of the look
Cher's displays her make-up skills
Cher tops the look with a black hat

A further tweet by the star mentioned the purple Adidas trousers that she was wearing in the photos:

"Friends came back made them up but they're Such CHICKENS ! My idea of a Vampire ! Check out purple adidas"

The following photo was also posted by Cher on Twitter. This time, the 'Believe' singer was dressed in a less distinctive attire;

Cher in a bright yellow tracksuit top

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