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Thursday, February 09, 2017

'Classic Cher' Opening Night! Costumes & Set-List Revealed!

Singing legend Cher made a return to the stage just hours ago, with her Classsic Cher residency in Las Vegas.

The ageless songstress donned an array of dazzling new costumes, whilst a number of favorites made a return. The Grammy Award-winning singer's set list fittingly featured most of her classic hits, including 1965 debut hit All I Really Want To Do, a medley of her 1970's US#1's, 1980's smash If I Could Turn Back Time, and her best-seller, 1998's Believe.

Newer tracks included concert opener Woman's World, representing her 2013 US#3 album Closer To The Truth, plus 2010's Welcome To Burlesque, from her US Box Office #3 hit Burlesque.

Woman's World

What a great opening outfit! Cher begins her Classic Cher opening night set list with her recent 2013 anthem -- and US Dance#1 hit -- Woman's World. In usual Cher style, the singer arrives from above the stage wearing an outfit that gradually comes away to reveal more. The blue costume is paired with an afro, which Cher sported regularly in the 1970's -- in fact, the whole attire would not look at all out of place in Cher's 1975-76 solo TV series.

Strong Enough

Just like her 2014 Dressed To Kill Tour, Cher follows opener Woman's World with her 1999 European smash hit Strong Enough.

Gayatri Mantra

Just like on her 2002-2005 Farewell Tour, Cher arrives onstage on a life-size elephant puppet, whilst sporting an Indian outfit, to perform the Gayatri Mantra.

All Or Nothing

The Oscar-winning actress performs her Believe track -- and UK Top 20 hit -- All Or Nothing.

The Beat Goes On

Cher dons a slight variation of the outfit she wore to perform her debut hit All I Really Want To Do during her Farewell Tour to duet with archive footage of Sonny for the US Top 10 hit that served as the theme song for the duo's highly-popular 1907's TV series.

All I Really Want To Do

Cher performs her first hit record -- the Transatlantic Top 20 Dylan cover.

I Got You Babe

Cher once again duets with Sonny for the duo's 1965 Transatlantic #1 I Got You Babe. You can't get much more classic than this 1960's anthem.

Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

Cher performs her 1971 US#1 Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves in the gypsy-style outfit from her 2008-2011 Colosseum show.

Dark Lady

Cher dons the same outfit for her next song, 1974 US#1 Dark Lady

Half Breed

Cher completes her usual trio of 1970's US mega-hits with Half Breed, sporting the iconic outfit that she's been performing it in -- in various variations -- since the 1970's

Welcome To Burlesque

Cher fast forwards from the 1970's to 2010's Welcome To Burlesque, performing it in the age-defying attire (she's 70!) as seen in the film and on her Dressed To Kill Tour, whilst defying age in the song's 

Take Me Home

Other than the absolute essential ones, Believe and If I Could Turn Back Time, we were certain that this hit was going to part of the show. And we knew what Cher was going to wear for it. The song is among her most performed, having been featured in most of her solo tours and residencies throughout her career, since 1979, whilst always donning the same outfit for it, though in different colours -- this time blue, taken from her 2008-2011 Cher at the Colosseum residency. 

After All

The costume highlight of the night for many was the one Cher wore for her 1989 US#6 ballad After All. The outfit was similar to the one she wore for I Hope You Find It (perhaps Classic Cher's most surprising omission? Or You haven't Seen The Last Of Me) on her Dressed To Kill Tour.

Walking In Memphis

Cher performs her 1995 UK Top 20 hit Walking In Memphis in an outfit similar to the ones she wore for her 2002-2005 Farewell Tour and 2008-2011 Vegas residency.

The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)

Cher performs her 1991 European #1 mega-hit, with a dance sequence that fans will be familiar with.

I Found Someone

After an introduction of her 1987 rocker Bang Bang is played, as was the case with her Dressed To Kill Tour, Cher comes out to big cheers in her signature I Found Someone body-stocking and leather jacket to perform the latter.

If I Could Turn Back Time

Having removed the leather jacket, Cher performs her 1989 US#3 -- and worldwide hit -- If I Could Turn Back time, playfully skipping around the stage and making a joke mid-song.


Cher's Believe costume from her 2008-2011 Colosseum residency makes a return as she performs her 1998 monster hit.

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  1. Hm, love to see her again, but the show looks exactly like Believe + Farewell Tour + Las Vegas... Would've liked to see something new. Will see her though if she comes to Europe. Once a fan, always a fan :)

  2. Glad to see a good positive review from a real Cher fan! (I posted a link to Cher.yuku forum. Hope you don't mind. I'll be buying your book(s) soon!)

    1. Cher is a legend. From the mid-1960's, I can only think of Cher and Mick Jagger who still sing live whilst prancing around the stage. When I saw a clip of Cher singing Turn Back Time from last night, playfully skipping around in her bodystocking, whilst sounding FANTASTIC, even I was surprised that Cher could still perform at that level. She's ageless. And has never been given enough credit as the epic performer she is, despite outliving and performing longer that 99% of her contemporaries. And aw thank you, I hope you will enjoy them :)