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The Cher Bible, Vol.2: Timeline eBook Available To Download Today!!! Free Look Inside Available!

The second volume of The Cher Bible, by Cher News' very own Daniel Wheway has been released onto Amazon sites across the world.

The refreshingly inexpensive timeline of Cher's career is available for just $7.99 on and £5.99 on, with similar prices across the world (see below). And if you are undecided, then Amazon offers customers a chance to "look inside" the book for free.

What is even better, you do not need to own a Kindle to read 'The Cher Bible, Vol. 2: Timeline' -- no, instead, you can download the Kindle app from to your phone, tablet or PC and read it on there!

The book's Amazon description reads:

“She's been in our lives every decade. She kind of grew up with us.” – Cyndi Lauper

Cher started her career as a backing vocalist for Phil Spector's iconic Wall of Sound, before shooting to superstardom herself with the sixties anthem I Got You Babe. Cher mastered folk-rock, achieved three US #1's during the singer-songwriter era of the 1970's, whilst having a glittering television career. She made her mark on disco, Broadway and the 1980's hair metal scene and earned the highest acting honor available. Cher absolutely conquered the 1990's dance scene whilst in her 50's, and was given the Goddess Of Pop title in her 60's.

Along the way, Cher has knocked The Beatles off #1, had five US Hot 100 hits simultaneously, appeared on the Live Aid stage, had US#1 movies with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, attended Madonna's wedding in a purple wig, called David Letterman an “asshole”, inaugurated Disneyland, had the highest-grossing female tour of all-time, had hits in six decades and held Lady Gaga's meat purse.

She's done it all. She's Cher – The Goddess of Pop...

The book is part of the author's 'The Cher Bible' series. This particular volume is subtitled 'Timeline' due to it containing exactly that – a timeline of Cher's incredible career..."

The Cher Bible, Vol. 2: Timeline has a large number of short chapters that include dates from Cher's career:

1963-1964 – Sonny and Cher On Spector's Wall Of Sound
January-May, 1965 – Sonny & Cher: Regional Stars
June-July, 1965 – Sonny & Cher To Record I Got You Babe
August, 1965 – I Got You Babe Heading Up The Charts
September, 1965 – Sonny & Cher To Hit Gold
October, 1965 – Sonny & Cher Taking Over Transatlantic Charts
November-December, 1965
January, 1966 – Sonny & Cher Work On LP#2
March-April, 1966 – Cher Releases Bang Bang
May-July, 1966
August-September, 1966 – Sonny & Cher Unleash Little Man
October-December, 1966 – Sonny & Cher Begin LP#3.
January-April, 1967 – The Beat Goes On For Sonny & Cher
May-October 1967
November-December, 1967 – Cher Hits With You Better Sit Down Kids
January-March, 1969
April, 1969 – Cher Records At 3614 Jackson Highway
June-August, 1969 – Chastity and 3614 Jackson Highway Are Released
September-December, 1969
January-October, 1971
November, 1971 – Cher Going Gold With Gyspies
December, 1971-February 1972 – The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
March-June, 1972 – Continued Chart Success
June-October, 1972 – Living In A House Divided
November-December, 1972 – Sonny & Cher Marriage Troubles
January, 1973 – Sonny & Cher Work On Studio LP#5
June-September, 1973
October, 1973-February, 1974 – Half Breed Heads To #1
March-May, 1974 – Dark Lady Darts Up The Charts
June-December, 1974
January-November, 1975 – Cher Gets Her Own TV Show
December, 1975-September 1976 – Sonny & Cher To Return To TV
1979 – Take Me Home To The Charts
February, 1980-January, 1982 – Cher's Las Vegas Residency
February-November, 1982 – Cher To Make Broadway Debut
January-November, 1983
December, 1983-April, 1984 – Cher Supports Streep In Silkwood
May, 1984-February, 1985 – Cher's New Look
March-June, 1985 – Cher Stars In Mask
July-December, 1985
January-October, 1986
June-October, 1987 – The Witches Of Eastwick Hits Theaters
November-December, 1987 – Cher Returns To Music
January-February, 1988 – Moonstruck Hits The Box Office
March-August, 1988 – Will Cher Win An Oscar?
September-December, 1988
March-June, 1989 – Cher & Peter Cetera Duet
July-December, 1989 – If I Could Turn Back Time Hits The Charts
December, 1989-October, 1990 – Heart Of Stone Spawns More Hits
November, 1990-May, 1991 – Cher: “It's In His Kiss!”
June-August, 1991 – Cher Launches Love Hurts
September, 1991-January, 1992
April-October, 1992 – Cher's Love Hurts Tour
November, 1992-February, 1993 – Cher's Greatest Hits 1965-1992
April, 1993-December, 1994 – Cher Winds Down The Work Hours
March-November, 1995
January-August, 1996 – Cher Releases One By One
September 1996-December, 1997 – HBO Presents If These Walls Could Talk
January, 1998-September, 1998
October-November, 1998 – Cher Releases Believe
December, 1998-January, 1999 – Believe Rules The UK Charts
February-March, 1999 – Believe Heads Up US Hot 100
April-June, 1999 – Cher's Believe At #1 in The US
July-December, 1999
January, 2000-October, 2001
November, 2001-February, 2002 – Living Proof Hits UK Stores
March-May, 2002 – Living Proof Hits Billboard 200
June, 2002-October, 2003 – Cher Embarks On Her Farewell Tour
November, 2003-May, 2003 – Cher Stars In Stuck On You
July, 2004-December, 2005 – Cher Completes Farewell Tour
2006 – Cher Enjoys Retirement
January-September, 2010
November, 2010-March, 2011 – Burlesque Hits The Box Office
June, 2011-September, 2012 – Cher Lends Her Voice To A Lioness
October, 2012-September, 2013
October, 2013-August, 2014 – Cher Releases Closer To The Truth

So far, Vol. 1 of the series, The Cher Bible, Vol. 1: Essentials, has received brilliant reviews from readers, such as:

Caleb. W. (@CalebWillow), whom stated "I have always considered myself a super fan of the Goddess of Pop, Cher. Not until I picked up this e-book did I realize I still had so much more to learn. When the title says 'essential' it truly means that you will learn all the essentials pertaining to your favorite diva."

Michael C. Moser, who stated that the book is a "Great little read for vacation."

Barbara Ann Walker (@barbaraannwalk1), whom says that the book is "straight up truth, no tabloid guessing, so refreshing."

Amazon US, $7.99:
Amazon UK, £5.99:
Amazon IN, ₹ 399.00:

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