Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cher Concert tickets Now Available. Plus 6 Dates Added!

Tickets for Cher's 2017 'Classic Cher' shows are now available.

A newsletter sent out to fans of the 70-year music legend stated: "Today's The Day!!

Tickets for Classic Cher, a line up of exclusive performances at Park Theater at Monte Carlo and The Theater at MGM National Harbor this coming year, go on sale TODAY at 10am! Plus, due to high demand, SIX MORE DATES have been added at National Harbor!

All Tickets Are On Sale Today At 10am Eastern Time.

'I plan to make this my best show ever,' said Cher. 'I am extremely excited about both of these new theaters – they are state-of-the-art and beautiful.'"

Tickets can be purchased at

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  1. Is this the real "Classic Cher" tour poster? I'm hoping that it will be possible to buy it. Would look great on my wall ...

    1. I'm afraid not. I made it for the article.

    2. O man I wish this was I would buy it.thought it should of been cover for cttt album

    3. Can or will it be in future

  2. What are the chances of Cher extending her Vegas dates in to June?

  3. Cher is my favorite singer I grew up with her music.. I'm a professional singer and I've saying her music a long been many other artists 249 artists. I am a DJ MC's but it greater Milwaukee County and surround areas to be doing charity work and and she is a fantastic person... She give so much of herself in making other people happy with her fantastic voice and a choreography dancing. I have never seen anybody so gifted in my life... a queen of Queens... love your music always will keep it go and Cher. you're in my prayers my creative coat of arms over your life in hell that you may be renewed and healed.