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GALLERY: 11 Times Kim Kardashian Copied Idol Cher's Fashion Style

UK publication 'The Sun' have pointed out similarities between Kim Kardashian's and Cher's outfits over the years:

KIM Kardashian is known as a fashionista and is regularly making headlines for her cutting-edge clothing.

You’d be forgiven for thinking she was a trend-setter, but we’ve actually seen it all before.

It seems the style guru who is married to fashion designer and rapper Kanye West actually models herself on the Goddess of Pop (and fellow Armenian), 70-year-old Cher. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Kim seems to be a fan of revealing outfits donned by Cher years ago

Several of Kim’s headline-grabbing clothing looks to be modelled on iconic outfits previously sported by Cher.

This see-through dress and thong body suit Kim wore on Miami beach earlier this month scandalised many people, but it isn’t actually that dissimilar to a glam mesh version that Cher rocked years earlier.

Kim's gown last year is reminiscent of Cher's 1974 outfit

And the similarities don’t stop there.

Kim wore this embellished sheer gown to last year’s Met Gala.

It is also strikingly similar to the outfit Cher wore at the first ever Met Gala in 1974, and it was no coincidence.

Kim admitted that her Roberto Cavalli number was inspired by Cher’s Bob Mackie dress for the same event.

Cher showed she was a fan of sheer black tops before Kim K cottoned on to them

Kim got everyone talking when she stepped out last year in this sheer black dress that revealed her nipples.

If you thought she was pushing the boundaries of fashion, think again.

Cher stepped out in this similar sheer number back in 2010.

Kim is known for her penchant for fur coats - we wonder where that stems from

Kim is unashamedly in love with fur coats and has been known to step out in matching furry outfits with her daughter North West.

The reality star wore this white number to her husband’s Yeezy runway show earlier this year, but she’s not the first to cover up a skimpy get-up with an over-sized fur coat.

Cher set the trend in 1973 at the Golden Globe Awards.

This photo of Kim looks like the colour version of Cher in 1973

Kim’s love affair with Cher seems to have been going on for a fair few years, too.

She was spotted in this all-white outfit in 2011, mirroring the style of the pop queen in 1973.

Kim is a fan of revealing body suits... as was Cher

Kimmy’s outfit to the Brit Awards last year was reminiscent of the body-hugging and revealing jumpsuits Cher used to wear in her heyday.

Both catsuits incorporate mesh and carefully-positioned holes – we wonder where Kim could have possibly got the inspiration from?

Kim didn't seem like a double denim kinda gal, but now it all makes sense

When Kim went out for a spot of shopping in Paris last year sporting double denim, she looked suspiciously under-dressed.

Breaking one of the cardinal fashion rules with such a casual ensemble made no sense until you considered the fact her style icon Cher donned double denim for a premiere in 1992 and totally rocked it.

Kim in 2015 compared with Cher in 1977

Here, both stars wear a black bodysuit with a corset-style front, knee-high black leather boots and a belt.

The only difference is Kim wore this get-up to the Givenchy show in Paris last year and Cher wore it in concert back in 1977.

Even in the hair stakes Kim seems to take inspiration from Cher

The similarities aren’t limited to clothing, either.

Kim stunned her fans with this slicked-back blonde barnet in March last year.

It was a big change from her usual long dark tresses but perhaps it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise, seeing as her idol had previously sported a similar peroxide style.

The ladies in red: Kim and Cher could be mother and daughter with their similar sense of style

In matching red, figure-hugging, flesh-flashing outfits, you’d think Kim and Cher had this all pre-planned.

Kim donned this bold ensemble at the Roc Nation Grammy brunch last year, but Cher wore hers onstage around 1972.

Kim clearly shares Cher's love of fitted lace get-ups

Kimmy has made figure-flaunting mesh and lace outfits her signature style.

The only thing is, Cher has been seen wearing similar outfits for decades.

It must be an Armenian thing.

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