Friday, August 01, 2014

Twitter News Round-Up: Cher "Frightened" About Risqué Tour Outfit Plus Asks Fans To Stop Eating Red Meat

sex symbol Cher
Cher's 'Dressed To Kill Tour' will resume next month for its second leg - which will see the chart-topping songstress don five new outfits created by long-time costume designer Bob Mackie.

The legendary performer will be wearing a newly-created opening costume on the tour's return but went on social networking site Twitter yesterday to express her worry that - even for her - it may be too revealing: "Finished at Bob's. I'm really nervous regarding the opening costume. It's so bare in a place that I'm not used to.

"Need to rethink it. If I was only 58, maybe I wouldn't be so frightened! It was all going swimmingly until it was finished - ahh... No front."

The fitness icon then asked fans, whom she affectionately calls "Crew": "One thing before I go, Crew, could you find it in your hearts to give up any amount of meat every week? If not, I totally understand but meat hurts the environment."

The concerned star returned to the site today to add, "Meat's really bad for you - causes strokes, cancer and heart attacks. Two servings of red meat a day raises death risk by 13%. 51% of greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture."

"I'm not telling you what to do but please read results about eating red meat - full of hormones and antibiotics! I've seen the look in the eyes of slaughtered animals. No food in the world can erase that look. I can't eat meat - it makes me sick. Just think about it - that's all. I don't gain anything by warning you."

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  1. CHER CARES!, its so true the harm red meat these days can cause, thank god i've never been a red meat eater, the site of it makes me sick,

  2. I hope she or Bob post sketches of the new outfits. I'm happy Bob is doing this for her. It made no sense he was unable to work on the show the first time around since they knew of the tour for close to a year before it began. I bet Bob's new stuff will be gorgeous!

  3. hey lisa posted u back on last comment to me, did u read?