Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Does The Future Hold For Cher After Her 'Dressed To Kill Tour'?

Cher on her new tour
Legendary 'Goddess of Pop' Cher tweeted about her current 'Dressed To Kill Tour' and her plans for after it has finished.

Cher's 'Dressed To Kill Tour' is up and running and is getting rave reviews from both fans and critics. The 'Mermaids' actress typed up a  message of thanks to her work crew on Twitter: "I want to thank my entire work crew and everyone involved with my show. Everyone has gone way beyond what's possible. They are the best".

Cher - who planned to retire from touring with 2005's 'The Farewell Tour' - then went on to thank her fans (nicknamed "Cher Crew") for their love and understanding during the long wait of her latest album and for their encouragement for her current curtain call tour, "Sending Cher Crew much love and thank them for love and patience during recording of 'Closer To The Truth' and encouragement for my farewell(!) farewell tour!!"

Cher on her new tourDuring the Twitter session, held in the last couple of hours, Cher was asked by one fan as to what her plans are for when the 49-date tour wraps up in July - she answered, "Many things I want to do but this is last farewell tour. I'm proud that the show has been received so well but must leave on top of my game."

Cher has been performing concerts since about 1964. Back then, she was one half of duo Caeasar & Cleo and performed mostly covers. Of course, the act was renamed Sonny & Cher, and got their own catalogue of hits to sing. The duo scored their d├ębut Billboard 200 entry in August 1965. If Cher releases an album in August next year - or sometime later - she'll be one of just a few acts to have a 50-year span of Billboard 200 entries.

"Would you ever release another album?" asked one fan. "I still love to sing, films, writing, produce, direct, maybe TV. Could teach. Who knows... Rest? Naw"

Cher's clothesBut rest, in the form of bubble baths, is exactly what the age-defying diva is getting up to after the hard work she's putting into - and behind the scenes of - her current concerts. She tweeted, along with the picture, right, "Jumped out of clothes after show... And jumped into hot bubble and Epsom Salts bath and sank down to chin. Ahh!"

Cher's next 'Dressed To Kill tour' outing is in Dallas, Texas in less than 24-hours.


  1. CHER will do amazing things after D2K tour, her talent is endless,, i want more music, more ballads, american standards with a twist will be great, no more dance music,, her amazing vocals are lost when doing so,,,MOVIES and more directing,, CHER has been part of HISTORY for a long time but will continue to make new history unlike many other artist

  2. Nearly ALLLLLLLLLLL songs get mixed for dance now so there is no reason to record dance songs. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me was one of Cher's most gorgeous ballads EVER. That got mixed for dance and went to #1 at dance so you can see ANY song can get mixed for dance. I agree with you NYChristophe I love her voice and dance is my least favorite Cher music because they play with her voice and make it sound like a computer. We love her actual voice.

  3. Cher I love your songs. You are the Best!. I went to see you in Boston, Mass for your Farewell Tour and now going to see you again at TD Garden, Boston, Mass, Oct 9th and am so very excited. You put on a Fabulous Show! Wish you were the type to call fans on stage. You are the greatest!. Dianne Travassos of Medford, MA