Saturday, March 22, 2014

'Dressed To Kill Tour' Attendees: Expect A 'Cher Show' With Plenty Of New Songs

Cher live
In an interview with ABC Radio News, superstar songstress Cher promised that her 'Dressed To Kill Tour', which begins tonight in Phoenix, Arizona, will be an extravagant production.

“It’s like, ‘This is a Cher album', it’s gonna be a ‘Cher show,’. If you’ve been to one of my shows, you kind of know that this is what I do, and I’ve been doing it since I was 30 years old, I’ve been doing this kind of show. This is the only show I know how to do because I need to be entertained.  I cannot just go out and stand and sing, I would just claw my eyes out.”

Cher has certainly mastered the art of putting on a show - she revealed how it's done: “We just sit down in my bedroom, we try to get a set list together and then we just think, ‘What if I flew out of the ceiling there?', ‘What if…we all dress like Indians?’ And we just start to make little vignettes, and then we think of what we want the set to look like, and then we just kind of start to try to…make them fit into something that makes a little puzzle picture.”

With over 80 hit singles and hundreds of album tracks to choose from, Cher shared that producing a tour set-list is hard to do: “It’s really difficult and sometimes it really…drives me around the bend, because I know when I go see someone that I like, I wanna hear the [hit] songs.  But…I have to move over some songs if I’m gonna bring in some new songs, you know.  And if anyone’s seen my concerts then they’ve heard these songs enough, and we can do something better with some new songs.”

The multi-talented Goddess of Pop - whom confirmed that the new tour will have her in 14 costume changes - concluded, “You know, it’s been a long, long time since I was on the road, and I’m taking these dates to see if I’m still really good and how I feel about it, you know? I did a tour of three and a half years; [it] almost killed me.  So, I can’t do that again.  But the road is a strange place and [we'll] just have to see how we feel about each other."

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