Thursday, December 05, 2013

"Timeless" Cher Was The 5th Most Popular Woman on the Web in 2013

Enduring entertainer Cher has ranked in the top 5 of COED's '50 Most Popular Women on The Web (According to Google)' - for the third year running!

The publication has once again compiled their annual list of the '50 Most popular Women on the Web (According to Google)' based on Google search results. This year, Cher is at #5 on the list, with 160,000,000 results.

Cher has landed a top five position on the list in three consecutive years now - having previously ranked at #4 on 2012's list and #3 on 2011's list.

'COED' wrote, "Cher makes an appearance on this list every year since we've started it, so at this point I'm beyond surprised. I just chalk it up to the fact that she's an important celebrity in music and move on.

But just because I now know better doesn't mean that I'm now above quoting her most recent news headlines to show just how strange it is that she winds up here. For example, how about Cher jokes that Sonny Bono Is In Hell or Cher: 'Thanksgiving is the beginning of a great crime'. See? She's timeless."

Number one this year was Rihanna, with Lana Del Ray (last year's #1) at #2, M.I.A. at #3 and Lady Gaga at #4. Of course, Cher was at #5 - and Katy Perry was at #6, Taylor Swift at #7, Miley Cyrus at #8, Britney Spears at #9 and Madonna at #10.

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  • 'Closer To The Truth' has fallen to #122 on this week's Billboard 200


  1. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN 12" Vinyl is being released in the UK and they are going to start pushing that at the clubs. I WALK ALONE / SIRENS is being released in the UK in January. That should strike gold!

  2. She is numbe 1it depends on who's rating her.

  3. She`s always been number 1 for me !!!!!!

  4. TILAM debuts on Billboards Dance Chart at #38. It is the next chart dated Dec 21.

    Sirens is gorgeous and I love I Walk Alone. I wish Pink would beef up her part and make it Cher featuring Pink.