Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cher Wins Women's Image Network Award For 'Dear Mom, Love Cher'

'Dear Mom, Love Cher' posterCher won a Women's Image Network Award last night for Outstanding Show Produced By A Woman.

The multi-talented entertainer was nominated for two awards for her May 2013 'Dear Mom, Love Cher' documentary at the 14th Annual Women's Image Network (WIN) Awards. One of the nominations was for Outstanding Documentary Film, which was awarded to February's 'Makers: Women Who Make America'.

The other award nomination was for Outstanding Show Produced by a Woman. Cher won the award, beating competition Mary J. Blige ('Betty & Coretta'), Queen Latifah ('Steel Magnolias'), Dana Fox ('Ben & Kate'), and Shoda Rhimes & Betsy Beers ('Scandal').

Cher was unable to attend the awards ceremony at Santa Monica Bay Women's Club, but her 87-year-old mother Georgia Holt was in attendance

'Dear Mom, Love Cher' starred Cher and her mother Georgia Holt and documented the life story of the latter. It aired on Lifetime on 6 May to 1.2 million viewers. It has since been re-aired, and released on DVD. The WIN Awards are given to men and women in the media who promote gender parity through both their creativity and leadership.

Short share:
  • 'Closer To The Truth' has had a small fall from #122 to #130 on this week's Billboard 200.


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    1. Hey Christophe did you get tix for the NY shows?

  2. YES i did, and u? probably will do the one in NJ too

  3. Got Jersey tix, I think I am getting box seats for Brooklyn but won't know until 2 months before show! Otherwise it's the poor farm for me! And I LIVE in Brooklyn!!!

  4. box seats,, wow,, good for u,, all my cher fans here in nyc have moved out,, so it be just me

  5. The Billboard top 200 is half full of Christmas CDs and albums being sold dirt cheap or internet only super cheap downloads. CTTT sells mostly all physical CD's and not on sale or if on sale still expensive. The cheapest I've seen CTTT is $11.99 for the short version but its usually more like $15.99. Gaga's album is $6 in many stores or $7 in others to pump them out. It amazes me how Cher can sell at full price and keep up. Cher's tour will be over the top GREAT!