Monday, December 09, 2013

'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Songs (2013!): 40 - 31

Last year, 'Cher News' visitors voted for their top 50 all-time favorite Cher songs, and as Cher has released a new batch of songs since then, it only seemed right to do it all again this year.

Like last year, 'Cher News' asked you to vote for your top five all-time favorite Cher songs from her extraordinarily lengthy career either here on 'Cher News', on Facebook, on Twitter or on 'The Official Cher Community'.

The votes have been counted and calculated to form this top 50 count down, where we'll see chart-topping hits, hidden gems, and everything in-between...


#40 Runnin'
This is a little-known song written by Cher. She penned it in 1994 and it finally got its release six years later on her toned-down internet-only album '' in 2000.

#39 Love On A Rooftop
This song written by Diane Warren and Desmond Child was initially recorded by The Ronettes lead singer Ronnie Spector - for whom Cher recorded backing vocals in 1963-1964. Cher's version appears on 1989's multi-Platinum 'Heart of Stone' album.

#38 Takin' Back My Heart
...Again, long-time collaborator Diane Warren ('If I Could Turn Back Time', 'Love & Understanding', 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me') penned this R&B-tinged number for Cher - this time for her 1998 'Believe' album.

#37 Living In A House Divided (#46 last year)
A classic break-up song from Cher's back-catalogue (during a time when she was experiencing a real-life break-up with Sonny Bono) 'Living In A House Divided' was the first single lifted from Cher's 1972 album 'Foxy Lady'. The single just missed out on the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 22, whilst spending two months on the chart.

#36 Dressed To Kill
A dance-pop song from Cher's brand new 2013 US#3 album 'Closer To The Truth'. Cher's upcoming 2014 'Dressed To Kill Tour' was named after this fun potential-single, which will surely be included on its set list.

#35 Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves (#33 last year)
What can be said about this tune? Everyone knows it, right? Released in late 1971, the track reached #1 – becoming her first solo release to do so – on the American charts, spending two weeks there. It also reached #4 in the UK. It's Cher's second best-selling solo single of all-time, behind 1998's 'Believe'. It was also the first of many major comebacks from our favorite songstress, becoming her first hit single in four years!

#34 Dov'รจ L'amore
Spoiler alert: all four singles from Cher's 1998 album 'Believe' are included in this top 50 count down. This one, which includes Italian lyrics, gave Cher her fourth-and-final Top 10 single from the album - impressive!

#33 You Take It All
The huge success of Cher's 1998/1999 dance-pop hit 'Believe' paved the way for other established artists to cross over to dance - examples include Tina Turner with 'When The Heartache is Over', Diana Ross with 'Not Over You Yet' and Bryan Adams with 'Don't Give Up'. Interestingly, the latter song - a 2000 UK#1 hit - was masterminded by electronic musician Chicane, who then worked on Cher's 'Living Proof' album, co-writing the dance-pop tracks 'You Take It All' and 'Alive Again'. Full circle, indeed.

#32 We All Sleep Alone (#50 last year)
Released as the second single from her platinum-selling 1987 self-titled album, this track was written and produced by Desmond Child, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. It followed Cher's 1987 transatlantic top ten comeback single 'I Found Someone' – which we'll be seeing later - up the charts, with this one reaching a peak of #14 on the US singles chart. The song was remixed in 1998 for inclusion on Cher's mega-selling multi-platinum album 'Believe'.

#31 With or Without You (#35 last year)
This song is an emotional ballad written solely by Cher herself. It is from Cher's 2000 internet-only release ''. Listen to the lyrics and you may want to know who she wrote this song about but you'll have to keep guessing as she's always kept that information under wraps.

There goes another ten tunes in the countdown!

Now, here's a little something extra. Can you guess which of one of Cher's albums has the most tracks present in the entire countdown? Could it be her biggest selling album 'Believe'?, her latest album 'Closer To The Truth', or one of her three Geffen-era albums: 'Cher', 'Heart of Stone' or 'Love Hurts'? Or something else? Let's see...

Cher's million-selling 1971 album 'Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves' and 1995's fan-favorite 'It's A Man's World' each have a pair of tracks present in the top 50 count down.

2000's internet-only release '' has three of its tracks in the count down whilst four come from Cher's 1987 Platinum-certified self-titled album.

1989's multi-million-selling 'Heart of Stone' has five tracks somewhere in the list of your all-time favorite Cher songs.

Her 1998 best-seller 'Believe' and 2001's 'Living Proof' prove popular with voters as they are both represented in the countdown with 6 tracks each.

However, the album with most tracks in your count down is... 'Closer To The Truth'! Cher's 2013 album has a staggering 10 tracks (and that isn't even counting 'You haven't Seen The Last of Me') included in the list of your all-time favorite Cher songs. Well, it is a brilliant album!


  1. Yes Closer To the Truth is indeed brilliant! It deserves a little more attention though. Still can't figure out the promotion for it even though Cher went on Eurotour I have not seen one single ad for this album here in Sweden. Which could explain why it only reached #45 here… (so far…).

  2. Cher is selling better than any other woman of her age. Remember Cher is 67 and turns 68 on her tour next year. Only Barbra Streisand can still sell albums like Cher can but Cher still aims at younger fans (as well as her older fans). Cher is still able to appeal to the young. In the USA radio WILL play older men but not older women. It is very sad. Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Elton John will get lots of Adult Contemporary Radio play in the USA but not Cher or any other woman. NONE of these oldies will get any mainstream airplay in the USA. Radio play in the USA is only for the young artists so it is rather sad.

    Closer to the Truth IS a great album. Sirens is so great it gives me the chills.

  3. U R right! To me Siren is by far the best, her vocals AMAZING!! GREAT to see CHER CTTT is still in the top 100/200 alums, 9 weeks later! a new single needs to be released here in the states to bring back attention to tis gem of a cd

  4. To me Cher is not an age. She's a performing artist with a unique voice. I just miss promotions. It's strange when releasing a new album (one of this planets most famous people) and not do it with a bang from the record company. (Many people don't even know she's got a new album out.) Cher has done her part. Now it's their turn.

    1. Very true Mac Mat, wish it was like back in the late 80's when she was w/Geffen records promos everywhere,, then again there were records/music stores all over NYC, why couldnt WB take out a full page on all major magazines? why didnt Vogue, Elle mag etc do a cover of CHER, in celebration of her new CD, her million yrs in the biz,the list goes on,, its been a long time she has graced a major magazine.. It is GREAT to see that her CTTT CD is still in the US top 200 charts and in some other countries too,, maybe for the holidays it can peak way up to top 5,,

    2. Yes even Living Proof was everywhere here in 2002. That was cool. But CTTT is a so much better piece of art that should get more attention. If I were as wealthy as Cher I would spend a lot of money and get some really good PR.

    3. THE PR needs to come from WB, they seem to be useless, talentless! she needs new creative ppl around her,, CHER still has the fire and talent

    4. That was what I meant Cher should take over her own PR. Warner ARE useless.

  5. I hope Sirens is the next single for the USA. It would fit AC radio and Cher would kick ass singing that song live. I mean it is a hard song to sing and she kicks it out of the park. It would help keep CTTT in the Top 200. Right now Christmas albums take up more than half of it.

    I agree they should advertise more with ads in mags like People, Entertainment Weekly and other mainstream mags. Cher is popular and CAN sell physical albums.