Monday, December 02, 2013

'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Songs (2013!): 50 - 41

Last year, 'Cher News' visitors voted for their top 50 all-time favorite Cher songs, and as Cher has released a new batch of songs since then, it only seemed right to do it all again this year.

Like last year, 'Cher News' asked you to vote for your top five all-time favorite Cher songs from her extraordinarily lengthy career either here on 'Cher News', on Facebook, on Twitter or on 'The Official Cher Community'.

The votes have been counted and calculated to form this top 50 count down, where we'll see chart-topping hits, hidden gems, and everything in-between...


#50 I'd Rather Believe In You
This song was the title track of Cher's largely-forgotten and un-charting - yet brilliant - album from 1976, which featured an array of touching ballads like this one. Sadly, it has never been released on anything post-vinyl!

#49 I Feel Something In the Air
This small-selling single just missed out on the UK Top 40 in 1966, reaching #44. It also charted as 'Magic In The Air' in Canada, at a low #89. Surprisingly, this is the highest-placed 1960's track in this whole top 50!

#48. Greatest Song I Ever Heard
Seemingly, the 46th Greatest song that Cher fans have ever heard is this 1973 album track from her Gold-certified 'Half Breed' album.

#47 Hell On Wheels
Selling just a little less than 100,000 copies back in 1979 for a 5-week run on the Hot 100 - and a peak of #59 - was this disco tune, which latched onto the rollerblading trend of the time. To go with it, Cher made her first ever MTV-style music video - notably pre-MTV!.

#46. When You Walk Away
This uptempo dance-pop ditty can be found on the U.S. version of Cher's Top 10 2002 album 'Living proof' (in place of Europe's 'You Take It All' and Japan's 'The Look').

#45 Real Love
Your 45th all-time favorite Cher song is again taken from Cher's Gold-certified album 'Living Proof' and again is a dance-pop track - but this one is included on every version of the album.

#44 Perfection
This rocker opened Side 2 on Cher's self-titled 1987 album, and includes vocals from 1980's icon Bonnie Tyler and 1960's icon Darlene Love. It was performed by a female impersonator - wearing Cher's 1986 Oscar Awards outfit - during Cher's 1990 'Heart of Stone Tour'...

#43 Love Is A Lonely Place Without You (#34 last year)
Another dance tune from Cher's 2001 studio album 'Living Proof'. The song was written by Mark Taylor, Paul Barry and Steve Torch, the team who also wrote the album's 'Song For The Lonely'...

#42 'Take Me Home' (#15 last year)
Although this one rose no higher than #8 on the US Hot 100 in 1979, it sold a million copies as the disco craze was in full-swing and record sales in the genre were very high! Cher would bag another disco million-seller with 'Strong Enough' twenty years in the future - I wonder if we'll see that tune anytime soon...

#41 'Island'
Perhaps only die-hard Cher fans and die-hard Gregg Allman fans will know this ballad taken from their collaboration album 'Two The Hard Way' in 1977. This is the lone Cher solo track on the album.

That's the first lot in the countdown! Now we'll wait for numbers 40-31, which will include tracks from eight different Cher albums, including new one 'Closer To The Truth'!

Meanwhile, here's a little something extra, the five songs that just missed out on inclusion in the countdown, numbers 51-55:

51. US top 10 'You Better Sit Down Kids' (#32 last year) from 1967's 'With Love, Chér'.

52. 'Will You Wait For Me' from the deluxe edition of 2013's 'Closer To The Truth'

53. 'The Fall (Kurt's Blues)' (#49 last year) from 2000's ''.

54. US Top 30 single 'Train of Thought' from 1974's 'Dark Lady'.

55. UK Top 10 hit 'Love & Understanding' (#20 last year) from 1991's 'Love Hurts'.


  1. i think these r good songs

  2. 50 Years of Cher = a Ton of great songs we all love!!!!

  3. Great selection! Just about all these tracks could easily have been choices in my Top 5 - there are so many incredible songs to choose from that narrowing it down to just 5 is almost impossible! Looking forward to the next 10 !

  4. Agree! Mission impossible :-)

  5. Just this one time, David's song, alive again, pui che puoi............................................................................................................................

  6. I adore Cher's ISLAND. That is why I love SIRENS. Both are such classics and need a singer who can SING!!!!!! Nice to see Island on the list!!!!

  7. Dig ur taste Lisa,, ISLAND IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG, the emotion n passion Cher puts into it,, u can feel it,, tis song sure got me through many heartaches! Allman and Woman-Two the hard way,, so underrated