Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Cher Dominated Last Night's 'Dancing With The Stars'

As well as performing a duo of hits, singer/actress Cher was a guest judge on last night's dazzling episode of 'Dancing With The Stars' as the contestants danced to her songs.

Donned in a black, white and grey zigzag dress, Cher opened the show by performing her 1998 mega-selling single 'Believe'. After a costume change to a low-key piece, the chart-topper performed guest judge duties: watching, scoring and evaluating each of the seven couple's routines on the dancefloor.

All the couples on the ABC show danced to songs from Cher's lengthy, impressive back-catalogue: Corbin & Karina to 'Welcome To Burlesque'; Leah & Tony to 'I Got You Babe'; Brant & Peta to 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)'; Elizabeth & Val to 'Bang Bang'; Bill & Emma to 'Strong Enough'; Jack & Cheryl to 'The Beat Goes On'; and Amber & Derek to 'If I Could Turn Back Time'.

Cher's comments to the contestants were as outlandish as the headdress that she went on to wear; after his dance, she told Jack (Osbourne), "I thought you looked like a pimp! A tango-dancing pimp." His dance partner Cheryl (Burke) announced that she was named after Cher: "My mum named me after Cher because she thought she was awesome and thought I was kind of awesome too."

Contestant Elizabeth (Berkley Lauren) gushed over Cher: "I want to thank you as a woman for showing other women you can create your own set of rules, and that resiliency is a powerful thing. Thank you."

Following a further outfit change to an all-black ensemble including a large headdress, Cher returned to the stage to perform her newest single, ballad 'I Hope You Find It':

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  1. CHER DID A GREAT JOB, and what an amazing performance

  2. Now there is NO EXCUSE for USA Adult Contemporary Radio to not add I Hope You Find It. It is very sad that older female acts cannot get Adult Contemporary airplay while older MEN do get airplay.

    Cher is so talented and deserves to have RADIO play. SEXISM and AGEISM is rampant in the USA radio market.

    1. You are right on point. Both Woman's World and now so far I Hope you Find It have gotten no radio airplay. Both of these sounds are as good if not better than most of the songs on the radio right now. Her album has stayed in the top 10 and 15 for the first 5 weeks of release with no airplay which is amazing. Just think what this album could do if she got the airplay that she deserved!

  3. Will "Take It Like A Man" come out as a CD single?

  4. Take it like a Man will be a 12-inch release in Germany, featuring several remixes and the original song. See: http://www.amazon.de/Take-It-Like-A-Man/dp/B00GFCX5S6/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1383656903&sr=8-9&keywords=cher+take+it+like+a+man

  5. i luved the performances by cher. She was a great judge and siting by wats his name idk but he was funny.

  6. No older artists in the USA can get radio play on mainstream POP stations unless they feature or are featured by younger hip artists BUT older male artists DO get Adult Contemporary Radio play. Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Elton John can NOT get mainstream radio play in the USA but are all on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. Cher is not. Older women do not even get Adult Contemporary radio play in the USA. Cher has marketed this song very well and IHYFI is perfect for AC radio yet it struggles for air. If Cher were a 67 yr-old MALE, IHYFI would be on the Billboard AC Chart. Sad that SEXISM is alive and well at USA radio in 2013.

  7. This show was a TRIBUTE, DEDICATION to CHER,,IT was CHER all over,, i don't watch tis show,, but i don't think any other artist has had such a tribute!