Friday, September 13, 2013

"im not cher im aaron" - Was Cher's Twitter Account Hacked?

Cher's Twitter account appeared to be hacked when a strange trio of tweets were made on it.

Cher's 1.7 million followers are used to being left confused by the dyslexic Dark Lady's tweets every now-and-then. However, those that were online last night are still scratching their heads after witnessing a trio of strange tweets from Cher's Twitter account.

It seemed that the 'Half Breed' singer was about to begin a Twitter session when a tweet consisting of just a question mark was made. As always - a rush of Cher fans tweeted her back. However, before long, another tweet was made on Cher's account: "im not cher im aaron".

Straight away, the unusual tweet left Cher's followers feeling confused, with many suspecting that her account had been hacked! Even jake Shears - the Sister Scissors front-man who has collaborated with Cher on her new album - was left puzzled at the tweet, writing "WTF???" in response to it.

The notion that Cher's account had been hacked was further supported when a third tweet was made, which made it seem that Cher was saying "hi" to herself : "@cher hi"

Very soon after, all tweets bar the last one were deleted from Cher's account.

Cher herself did start a Twitter session a few hours later - asking her fans for their thoughts on her new album based on its previews on iTunes. She seemed unaware about the earlier tweets but fans quickly quizzed her about them, with one (@divinelyfab) saying, "It's amazing babe!! What happened to Twitter earlier though?" Cher answered, "Don't know? I've been in fitting with Majon?"

Other high-profile singers that have been victims of Twitter hackers include Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Moving on... Cher - the real Cher - has frequently mentioned her injured foot on Twitter, which has prevented her from dancing - "Haven't you noticed - no dancing!". The 3-time Golden Globe-winning superstar hopes to have it fixed after a trip to Europe in October to promote her new album; "I have been standing for hours in heels with a broken foot - OUCH... I will get operation after Europe so that it can heal before the tour! The doctor says I'll be better than new?"

Short share:
  • 'Woman's World' will be released as a double A-side single in Germany with 'I Hope You Find It'.
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