Saturday, September 21, 2013

Drugs, Swearing and More! - Cher Talks To 'The Guardian' About An Array of Subjects

CherCher spoke to British publication 'The Guardian' about an array of subjects including drugs, swearing and "odd" Phil Spector.

I process songs through my feelings. Music doesn't really go through my brain. It just goes… somewhere else. But there have been a couple songs that I had to be persuaded to do, and they turned out to be great hits. So I obviously don't know everything [about songwriting] all the time.

I learned all my swear words from my [British] producer Mark Taylor. "W*nkers!" "T*ssers!" He and [her late ex-husband and musical partner] Sonny [Bono] are my favourite producers I've ever worked with.

Phil Spector was always odd. I met him when I was 17 and he was in his 20s. I once went to do a background vocal with Harry Nilsson on a John Lennon album. We were walking down the hallway in the studio, and a chair flew out into the hallway and then John was storming out. I didn't see a gun, but I'd heard about Philip waving a gun in the studio… He was very, um, mercurial. His mother and father were first cousins and he was just very strange.

I chewed two Benzedrine when I was 14. Drugs just weren't for me. I can't even drink coffee. I also took one Tuinal – my friend said; "Let's take this and go dancing." And I just passed out. My friends left me in the car in the parking lot and they went in and danced. I didn't wake up until the next morning.

My daughter [Chastity]'s sex change gave me a deeper – a visceral – understanding of gender and sexual politics. But it took me a little while. I had friends who changed their gender, but it took Chaz going through it for me to really feel it.

Hillary Clinton would make a fine president. I also think that Bill would be an awful lot of help. It's nice to have someone whose husband has been a president, and who herself is so smart and so engaged and so politically savvy.

Leaks hurt me. Someone leaked a song [Lady] Gaga and I did for my new album – and it wasn't even the finished version. And then another new song was leaked last November by some DJ in Michigan. We couldn't come out with it as a single at the time – it wasn't ready – and that was quite upsetting.

Our current congress is Satan. They've forced women in America into a terrible place. Since Roe vs Wade, we've had things taken away, and our human rights have just been totally demolished.

I love being a woman. If I woke up tomorrow and I was a man, I would freak out. I wouldn't be able to do it.

You don't do a movie for an Academy Award. Meryl [Streep] taught me that. I've won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Golden Globe. It's just a bonus if you happen to get one. I think that as long as I can have a good time doing what I do, that's the only important thing.

I was the first woman to show my navel on TV. That was on Sonny's and my TV show in the 70s. I'd match it with anybody's today.

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