Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cher's New Album OUT NOW in North America!

Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' has been released in the US and Canada today!

Award-winning singer Cher has released her first studio album in North America since 2002's top ten 'Living Proof'. 'Closer To The Truth' - which is supported by singles 'Woman's World' (US#1 dance hit) and 'I Hope You Find It' - is her 25th solo studio album and boasts a polished set of dance-pop tunes and ballads, with a few surprises tucked in-between.

Having started her outstanding music career all the way back in 1965 with her million-selling solo album 'All I Really Want To', 'Closer To The Truth' will increase her span of US hit albums to a whopping 48 years when it enters the Billboard 200 charts next week! She is yet to score a #1 album on that chart however - could this one be her first?

Cher will tour in North America next year to support the album.

Also out today is DVD 'Dear Mom, Love Cher' - a documentary about Georgia Holt, Cher's mother.

Buy Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' from Amazon.


  1. From our mouths to the ears of the Music Gods above us,

    1. Thank GOD FOR EUROPEAN countries where her albums have peaked at #1, I hope, that IHYFI is the next single, tis song really showcases the control n beauty of those famous unforgettable pipes

  2. She has Drake competing with her - but that's it! I think as newer singles do better it may have a chance. WW was ill conceived - Take It Like A Man would've been a better first single - and a great summer single. I Hope You Find It - ? Single?

  3. I Hope You Find It WILLLL get airplay on Adult Contemporary Radio in the USA. Dance songs do not get so much AC play. I do love TILAM but want Cher on radio and IHYFI has a better shot at adult radio. Singing a ballad live is better since it is a simple and beautiful song without all the special effects like a dance song has.

  4. I think My Love would have been a great first single. Sounds a bit different. Both nice and easy and rising into a dance song.

  5. My Love is gorgeous! Hopefully ADuLT Radio will play I Hope You Find It. If it does, Warner Brothers can put out more singles. There sure are lots of great choices on Closer to the Truth. The Pink songs are both fantastic!

  6. IHYFI is just amazing,, i've played it over 40x now,, know it by heart,, she really deliveries on tis song on all of them for that matter,, but love her ballads,, she rocks them out!