Friday, August 23, 2013

Has Cher Just Named Next Year's Tour?

Cher, 'ET Canada'Cher has come up with a new name for her 2014 world tour...

After occasionally - perhaps jokingly - citing the titles 'You Haven't Seen The last Of Me Tour' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye Tour' as possible ones for her tour next year, it seems that Cher has finally decided on 'Dressed To Kill Tour', named after a song title on her new album 'Closer To The Truth'. The Grammy Award-winner clearly likes the song as she has repeatedly tweeted its lyrics and has decided to nickname her new album - for personal use only - 'Dressed To Kill'; she tweeted, "'Dressed To Kill Tour'!! Think I'll nickname CD 'Dressed To Kill'! Do people nickname CD's?... Naw".

Cher (pictured above-right in a new interview with 'ET Canada') dismissed 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me Tour' as a tour title a few days back for being "a little long for swag". Cher cited her past tour names 'Do You Believe? Tour' and 'The Farewell Tour' as "good for swag and billboards". Another tour title she put forward as a possibility for next year's series of concerts was 'Follow This You bitches Tour' - named after her (infamous?) monologue during her 'Farewell Tour' - but questioned whether it would come across as too "mean" and "bitchy".

Cher is expected to embark on the tour early-to-mid 2014... But with the name 'Dressed To Kill Tour', she'll be expected to don some of the greatest outfits of her career in the concerts - with Bob Mackie now on hand, it might just be doable.

Short shares:

  • Cher will be a guest on 'Late Show with David Letterman' next month
  • 'Woman's World' has risen one spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart from #29 to #28

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