Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Album Covers: Part One

You picked 'Believe' as your all-time favorite Cher song; 'It's A Man's World' as your all-time favorite Cher album; and 'If I Could Turn Back Time' as your favorite Cher music video - now it's time to count down your all-time favorite Cher album covers!

Like all the count downs 'Cher News' has done before - Cher fans were asked to submit their five all-time favorite Cher album covers, in order, to 'Cher News' in one of a handful of ways before they were counted for this count down.
Here we'll see numbers 10-6, where the 1970's portion of Cher's back-catalogue is well-represented. (Numbers 15-11 can be seen on the 'Cher News' Facebook page.)

#10 'It's A Man's World'
The cover of Cher's 1995 album 'It's A Man's World' has a couple of nods to the Bible's Adam & Eve story, with Cher holding a red apple and a serpent. The predominantly-turquoise David Sceinmann-shot cover shows the singer with her trademark black hair but with blue eyes. The full head-to-toe photo can be seen in the album's inner sleeve.

#9 'I'd rather believe In You'
This album cover is a clear sign that die-hards got their votes in! 'I'd Rather Believe In You' is a non-charting - yet fantastic - studio album from 1976. The cover is one three black-and-white Cher studio album covers from the seventies; whilst the other two ('Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves' and 'Dark Lady') show a serious Cher, this one is the complete opposite - a very happy-looking Cher is seen on this cover.

#8 'Cherished'
Again, another obscure album - her 1977 uncharting studio album 'Cherished'. Cher's name is absent from this ones cover as its title 'Cherished' is a play on her name. Cher proudly shows off her natural long straight black hair whilst dressed in a Native American-style top - in fitting with the album's second single 'War Paint and Soft Feathers' and perhaps a throwback to her 1973 hit album 'Half Breed' (which you'll see in the top 5 of this list!)

#7 'Prisoner'
Perhaps Cher's most risque album cover ever? Following the pretty-risque artwork of its hit predecessor 'Take Me Home', which showcased Cher in a very skimpy Viking-style outfit, Cher stepped the risque-factor up a notch for her next offering, which was another non-charter. In fitting with the album's title, Cher is seen on the cover wearing nothing but chains whilst bearing much - much - skin.

#6 'Heart of Stone'
There's two album covers for Cher's 1989 mega-selling hit album 'Heart of Stone', but it's the original artwork that you chose as your number 6 all-time favorite Cher album cover. The cover is a painting by Octavio Occampo of Cher against a stone heart, which together resemble a skull. It's a great piece of artwork for a great album. However, the cover was pulled for a more-standard new cover featuring a photo of Cher (which placed at #17 in your count down).

Come back to 'Cher News' tomorrow where positions 5-1 of your favorite Cher album covers will be revealed - what do you expect to see at number one?

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