Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cher's Latest Twitter Session Contains Talks of New Album, Georgia's Birthday and 'The Greatest Thing'

Cher took time out to tweet her 1.5 million fans (and a few celebrities) just hours ago about her new album, her mother's Birthday and 'The Greatest Thing'.

Global chart-topper Cher, whose new single 'Woman's World' will be released on 18 June, revealed that she's thinking of handing over two of her album tracks to female DJ Mz Poppinz for her to work her magic on them, "I was re-sequencing the CD, writing liner notes, and I suddenly thought 'Oh my God' - I have two songs that will fit Mz Poppinz to a f**king tee! She'll wear them out!"

Cher tweeted a slew of fellow celebrities on the social networking site during the very-recent Twitter session. Drag artist RuPaul tweeted, "In my dressing room watching Cher's 'Farewell Tour' DVD in early preparation for her appearance on 'The Voice'". Cher replied, "Hi babe! I was talking about you yesterday with my mom. I told her that I've never met anyone who doesn't love you. No bullsh*t."

Cher then went on to tweet 'Star Trek' legend William Shatner, "Hi! I saw you being interviewed once and you impressed me so much! I have no idea what I expected but you were funny and full of life". Shatner replied, "I must tell you how honored I am to be tweeting with you. I am such a fan. You are too kind. Thank you."

Cher next tweeted TV psychic Theresa Caputo, whom Cher's sister Georganne is a fan of; "Hi Caputo. Next time you're in Los Angeles, come to Malibu. Gee loves you and you remind me of Sonny's mom - Italian and loud. We'll have fun." One fan asked Cher, "Do you want to meet Thesa Caputo?" Cher responded,. "We met at 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' but we were rushing (what else is new?) to get to our next gig. Gee made me watch her and I respect her gift and her family!" She added, "I met her in the parking lot. She reminds me of every member of Son's family! I love Italians! You can't get a word in, buy you've got to love them!"

On 9 June, Cher's mother Georgia Holt celebrated her 87th Birthday. One Twitter user asked Cher, "How is you mom?" Cher wrote back, "Party was great. Elijah called from Germany. She got cake! Thank God I didn't like it. White cake, coconut icing - I'm chocolate all the way!"

One fan tweeted Cher about the recently-dismissed Cher-Lady Gaga duet 'The Greatest Thing', "How about 'The Greatest Thing' featuring Lady Gaga? We've waited a long time." Cher responded, "You think you've waited? It's done and she doesn't like it or want it to come out. She's an artist, it's up to her. I'm disappointed too."


  1. Well Lady gaga this would've been a legendary move for your career,not that u need it, u r true talent in your own right,,BUT BUT BUT its not everyday you get a chance to sing along SUCH talent as CHER,, opportunities dont knock on doors more then 2x
    very disappointed L G, she has had more then enuff time to review the final cut of the duet and changes could have been made,, its makes no senses

  2. Cher and Gaga did The Greatest Thing in July 2011. It will be 2 years next month. Nearly all acts feature each other now but this was a duet AND an iconic duet. How very sad that Gaga does not like it. We have been tortured for the past 2 years over it. It is very sad since it was sort of song destined for legendary status.