Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cher's keeping 'Woman's World' Release Date A "Secret"... For Now!

Cher, who's new single is called 'Woman's World'Cher sent out some words to her one-and-a-half million followers on Twitter about the release date of 'Woman's World', her new album and her 2014 tour.

The 'Take Me Home' singer, who's in Russia at the moment ahead of today's performance at the grand opening of 'Anji Arena', wrote on the popular social networking site Twitter about her new album; "I'm sitting here sequencing my CD, trying to come up with a ttile - usually it's easier. Spent all day going through both promo tours - single and CD."

She later added, "I'm sequencing and making 'tweaking' notes on the last songs. Think it's almost soup. Well maybe five minutes."

It's now June (in some parts of the world) which means that the release of Cher's new single is very, very near! Cher's single 'Woman's World' will be released sometime in June, and many fans were quizzing the showbiz mainstay for a more exact release date. One fan asked, "Have you figured out the exact date for the single release?" Cher answered, "Yes!"

The same fan was in a conversation with someone else moments later talking about the release date, during which the fan wrote that the single will be released on "Some mysterious day in June". Cher responded, "Not mysterious! Secret!"

Later on down the line, another fan asked Cher to give a hint about which day 'Woman's World' will be released. Cher jokingly responded, "I don't have to give hints, I'm Cher. When you finish your CD, you don' have to give hints either!"

Cher recently announced that she will begin a new tour in April 2014. One fan asked, "When you go on tour next year, will you be in the U.S.A. too? Or out of the country? Any chance [of coming to] Baltimore? Many lovelies [here]. Oh my God, we would welcome you with love". Cher replied, "Yes! When I tour, I go big and go home! This is absolutely my last tour...After this one, stick a fork in me, I'm done!"

Short shares:

  • Cher spent some of yesterday watching the 2012 film 'The Last Ride' - a Hank Williams biopic starring Henry Thomas and Jesse James
  • Cher is now also keeping secret the number of songs on her new album


  1. I really would like a completely new song as her 1st single.Woman's world iz already heard and cant't be so huge.(Remember Madonna's new-old singles).A new,no,no...after all those dates,no thanks.Let's wait 2014.and see what is gonna be.And again,I don't believe her album is finished yet(there's nothing new about that on Warner official site).

  2. I don't think we'll see the single this month. I don't understand why they're releasing WW when we've already heard it, it makes no sense to me.

  3. I think many people kind of take any news on the CD with a grain of salt at this point. What was once wildly exciting is a bit of an eye-roller now. Wouldn't it be wild if we all found out she never recorded a new CD at all! LOL!

  4. At this point with all the delays and promises since 2010 who really cares anymore about Cher's new single and CD. I have been a huge fan since I was 6

    1. Remember 10 sec.snippet of The greatest thing(last year) and now she is telling-You are not gonna hear it!I'am really disappointed because we are fans,not fools,and she is diva because of us.I followed her on twitter but not anu more-When you ask her something about music,tour or cd,she speaks about her mother or tv shows,ignoring fans.New video was also announced.

  5. It's so disappointing about this new single and new cd with all the delays and promises. Cher keeps jerking us around to point that I really don't care anymore. I am going to plug in my favorite Cher album "Stars" and call it a day. Now her tour is delayed to 2014, but she can put on a show in Russia......makes no sense. Maybe I should buy the Cher Lloyd cd instead of waiting for the new Cher cd......right!

  6. I too am sick of it. Cher's last album of new recordings was cut in 2001! We fans will love her new album. However, albums now peak high in week one then fall fast and most are off the Billboard Top 200 album chart (in the USA) within 8-12 weeks. Cher will get media attention for a week or so then the general public and media forget about it. Artists of Cher's age no longer attempt to be Pop stars since in the US market mainstream artists do not get airplay. The only way anything by Cher would get radio play in the USA is if Cher featured artists like Nikki Minaj. Sad but true. I just want this album out once and for all so it will have its short moment of glory and then she can hopefully record whatever music she feels like.

  7. We have been waiting for the Cher and Lady Gaga duet since 2011. This should be your second single. The whole world is waiting for "The Greatest Thing". Put out a song and video. This is taking too long!!! Hope you have 15 or more songs on your new CD. Hope you will be all over the TV when your song is released.

  8. We are all looking forward to your new CD. There is one song i can't wait to hear "The Greatest Thing" with Lady Gaga. Hope it will be release soon. This song will be number one!!!

  9. Also looking forward to the songs with Pink, and Christine Aguilera. Can't wait to Cher and Lady Gaga Duet. The Fans have been waiting for this for this Duet since 2011.

  10. That tweet immediately reminded me of Steven Klein's #secretproject in which Cher is rumoured to be involved.. what do you think Daniel??

  11. Thought Cher said on Twitter that the greatest thing would not be released anymore ???? ( Gaga did not want it )