Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cher Hits Billboard's 'Bubbling Under' Chart With New Single 'Woman's World'

Cher's new single 'Woman's World' has made its debut on Billboard's 'Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles' chart at number 25.

Cher released her first single in over ten years on Tuesday 18 July. The uptempo dance number 'Woman's World', which was a top 50 seller on Amazon and iTunes, has entered Billboards Hot Digital Songs chart at number 79, with sales of over 26,000 copies.

Perhaps more importantly, the song has entered Billboard's 'Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles' chart at number 25. The 'Bubbling Under' chart showcases the 25 songs that are sitting just below Billboard's main 'Hot 100' chart and that have not yet entered the main chart.

The 67-year-old music icon made her debut on Billboard's 'Bubbling Under' music chart way back on 26 December 1964 when Sonny & Cher's single 'Baby Don't Go' entered at number 34 (when the chart had 35 positions).

'Woman's World' has unsurprisingly made a big impact on Billboard's dance charts; it debuted at number 7 on its Dance/Electronic Digital Songs (sales) chart and number 16 on its Dance/Electronic Songs chart (sales, airplay, club play, streaming).


  1. It truly is amazing to think Cher began recording in 1963 (50 years ago) and hit Billboard first in Dec 1964. That is 48 years and 7 months ago! There is no act (male or female) in the Pop market (at least in the US) at age 67 with a 50 year career!

    You go girl!!!!!!

  2. Is there a studio version of "i still havent found" by cher???

    1. There hasn't been one released. However, over the years I've heard that she did record the song in the studio - whether it's true or not, I don't know. The only released version is the live one on her 'Live - The Farewell Tour' album.

  3. CHER, Please don't sing "Believe" on next weeks "DWTS". I know it is your biggest hit but it has been so over played that has become boring. Instead sing "Woman's World" which might not be a GREAT song however, does sound awesome in the dance club! It would be fitting on "DWTS". Your record label should be advising you to sing the new song especially with the new tour. The sales on the new CD are dropping faster then Paris Hilton panties. I am hoping "DWTS' use your music for the nights dances. That would be a classy thing for ABC to do since you are never given credit for your years of contribution to music. Seeing Katrina put together a dance route to "Gypsies, tramps & thieves" or "Dark Lady" would be amazing! Those songs have stories that Katrina would fit beautifully in with especially with her current dance partner. He's HOT!!!!!!